March 30, 2007

"Crew Cool"

A comment from a reader worthy of printing sheds a little light on what happened in our building, from the perspective of one of the tenants. A seemingly-organized crew of drug dealers tried to take over our apartment building in an attempt to keep it "crew cool". They were in all likelihood not really organized, but as lucky as we were quiet.

The account below paints a picture of a very organized group of dealers, and if this report is correct, they do this in multiple locations in South Minneapolis on a rotating basis.

Here's the report I received today:

"I have lived here for a few years and have seen some pretty rough stuff, but lately it has gone to a new low. The guy on the second floor in 210 is pretty bad he has people coming and going at all times.

Most of the people I recognize as being a part of a drug crew. Their behavior is pretty bad they will rob you blind. The crew watches the building to make sure there are no cops so they scope us out as well. They had three apartments facing the back and one in front that also kept fraternizing and getting high together as they kept the building "crew cool" so the mules can come and go.

The crew cycles as a group on one week they are up near Park Ave the next they are near Clinton Ave and so on.

I noticed last night that we had a unusual amount of the crew in our area again. The guy on our floor has been quite for a while but looks out his window a lot waiting on his friends. He has now started taking a few guests (crew, mules) again.

There's another guy on the second floor who is one of his buddies and some times they know the same people. They move from one apartment to another to control their stash as they hookup people. These guys don’t look like kids, but they sure know a lot of them (other peoples). I know one thing they are not easy to control and have tried to play me when it comes to the hall or front and back doors. Well guy more power to you for being strong and voicing out. The police need to be directed a tad more so they can control these guys.

This is chilling new information, but I think that it's out-dated by the recent evictions of several problem tenants. If the building was ever "crew cool", it certainly won't be from now on.

My thanks go out to the others in the neighborhood who are coming forward with more information, and especially those who have volunteered to send me photographs. Please send all the photos you think would be helpful.