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Okay, so these are some of the things bouncing around in my head since Monday's State FAculty no particular order. Ultimately I want to know:
--How can we make it more likely that young people 13 and older from lower income families and/or communities engage in positive programs, opportunities, experiences?
--METHOD--Let's put some flesh on the YPQA youth engagement measures so that we have a robust, comprehensive, useful way of know it when you see it and what to aim for
--When teens from low income families/communities do engage in formal, nonformal and informal programs and opportunities, what makes that occur? DESCRIPTIVE, EXPLORATORY STUDY:
--studythe relationship betw older youth engagement and the characteristics of settings, whether program, community, neighborhood.
So maybe study two communities that have a lot of YE opportunities, a lot of teens from primarily families with lower incomes. What does it look like? How did change occur? What was a surprise? What appear to be the Tensions that characterize YE work and research?
--Eventually Do 3-5 year intervention and test whether you can increase vital engagement of teens in lower income communities. HEY--DOES W.T. GRANT PAY FOR THE INTERVENTION AND THE STUDY OF THE INTERVENTION?

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