October 22, 2006

El Montazah Resort

El Montazah resort in Alexandria, Egypt, has always inspired me.

October 19, 2006

The Highways' Design

I always admired the design of highways, especially in the United States.


The right design of the highways is a major aspect in building a civilized country because it provides safety, ease of traffic, ease of extension when it is needed. I will apply these to the design of interstates and highways in the U S.
First, in the United States interstates were designed for safe operation through a complete controlled access. The intersections are at different levels with access through exchange ramps, which avoid the movement conflict between different highways. Also, the highways are totally separated (isolated) from the residential areas with an exit leads to each city without having the highways itself run through it, which avoid the conflict between speed cars and walking people (individuals).
Second, the highway moved the traffic away from inside the city leaving a chance to only the local residents to deal with their own traffic. For example, in some country like Egypt, the highways run in some areas right straight through the local streets crossing and conflicting with them, and that cause a huge amount of traffic and accidents. In addition, in the U S, there are at least four lanes in all the interstate highways for easy and fast travel.
Finally, the highways designs provided the possibility of extension due to the increase of traffic loads via two talented elements:
1) Most of the highways have wide shoulders and empty spaces along them, which gives the opportunity of adding more lanes.
2) The highways are rarely conflicting with building, which makes it easier to widen the highways.

October 1, 2006

A Museum

The Midtown Market looked to me like a different style of museum: a multicultural museum. This place, amazingly, has art allover. Even the merchandise and products themselves, if they are not art product, they were offered and showed in an artistic way.


The Pyramid

I liked the design of the building too. It has a pyramid shape and looks like a family with the main member (king) in the middle (the big tower).


The Exchange of Energy

When I went to the Midtown Market, my son was there with me. I was thinking about the exchange of energy in that place; then, I realized the coincidence of my son being involved in this energy (he was going to make a big mess in one of the stores...energy), so I decided to include him in the pictures.




Culture and Environment

In another environmental design class (3711) we were once asked to respond to the following question: which one is more important to the self identity, the culture or the environment? I took the culture's position, and my visit to the Midtown Market has supported that. Once you step inside the Midtown Market, you start moving from a store to another (from an environment to another). In every single store you feel the atmosphere of the store's culture either from the product being sold, the decoration, or even the playing music. Although each of those stores is not in its real or original environment, the culture was strong enough to control the environment and to show the self identity of each store.