Candy Crush Cheats & Hack for Lives & Moves

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Candy Crush is one of the most prolific game apps to ever be released for Android and iOS. The game has millions of users that log in to play every single day and has made billions of dollars in revenue. Over 800 different levels will keep players busy for days, if not months, at a time. And if you've beaten the original Candy Crush game, there's a new one to satisfy your sweet tooth - Candy Crush Soda Saga.

You'd be hard pressed to find someone who hasn't played or hasn't at least heard of the Candy Crush Saga game series. But just what makes these games so popular? Part of it is the constant need to progress to the next level and continue crushing more candy. The social aspect of these games also drives players to want to get a higher Candy Crush score than their friends.


Players are given a certain amount of moves for each level they play. If they fail to complete the level with the amount of moves given, they lose a life. If they have extra lives, then they can continue playing but if they don't, they either have to wait until their lives regenerate or spend their money to purchase more. Who wants to spend money on lives for a free game? Apparently a lot of people because Candy Crush makes millions in revenue per day.

If you're not a fan of spending money on lives or you don't want to send out a barrage of invite requests to your friends begging for lives, then there are some other options like cheats. Candy Crush cheats can give you more lives, moves and even boosters for free. Not all Candy Crush cheats are the same and some work better than others.

There are two main ways to cheat in the Candy Crush games, cheats and hacks. Each of these options is slightly different and there are pros and cons to each method. I will highlight some of the main differences next and what you can expect when using a Candy Crush cheat or hack.

Candy Crush Cheats

Cheats for Candy Crush can cover a variety of aspects of the game. Most cheats usually involve a glitch in the game or exploiting some kind of loophole. Some cheats will help you get more boosters or moves. Other cheats such as walkthrough guides will show you a step by step method to beating each level in the game. This is a pretty effective way to cheat, especially if you're stuck on a level.

Candy Crush Hack

Candy Crush hacks are a more powerful way to cheat in the game. A Candy Crush hack tool will let you add more lives, moves or boosters to your account by accessing the game's servers to add the resources. Most hacks for Candy Crush require players to download a program onto their phone or computer that will enable them to add these items to their account.

The downside to using a Candy Crush hack is that there is the possibility that your account will get banned by admins if they discover that you are hacking. There are some precautions such as using a proxy that will limit your chances of being caught. Players should always use caution when downloading Candy Crush hacks because some of them are viruses.

These are just two of the ways that Candy Crush players can cheat the system in order to advance in the game or get more moves or lives. Both of these ways are effective when used properly and can help you get past a difficult level or give you a chance to keep playing without spending money.

SimCity BuildIt Hack & Cheats for Simoleons & SimCash

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SimCity is another one of those things that is known about throughout the entire world, a beloved icon within the world of gaming. After a period of soft launch in New Zealand and Canada, the game made its worldwide debut earlier this month. Fans of the games worldwide flocked to the app store to download the game.

BuildIt follow the same kind of gaming mechanics as previous SimCity games, you've been put in charge of taking care of a new city, but there's a catch, you have to make it bigger and better whilst also ensuring the safety and happiness of your citizens with the construction of water towers and power stations.


SimCity isn't like every other city builder out there, nor is it just a copy of Zyngas ever popular CityVille. EA instead offers the players so much more with BuildIt.

You have to consistently ensure the happiness of your citizens, a feat which is easily achieved by building citizen specific attractions such as scenic nature parks, whilst also making sure that the eyesore buildings and constructs are nowhere near their homes such as the pollution creating factories.

In BuildIt, you're offered an actual city management game rather than just another game where you do a couple of short things and the rest of the gameplay is just waiting around for money buildup. In this game, you must treat it as though you are actually responsible for an entire city.

You open the game with a decent sized piece of land upon which you must begin construction of the most amazing city ever seen. You begin the game with a pretty good pace; you don't experience timers on your constructions, so you can start seeing your progress very early on in the game.

SimCity BuildIt is currently running version 1.2.23 and requires your device to be running at least iOS version 7.0 or later. It is currently available to play in multiple languages, making it easy to play for people in countries all over the world. It can be downloaded for free for those who are able, with the option to purchase various SimCash packages. The overall app store rating is four stars, however the current update has been rated with a mere three and a half stars, the majority of reviews for the current update err on the negative side, with some positive feelings from a handful of players. Many players criticize its use of the freemium model and how they feel lied to in the beginning of the game where you don't pay to speed things up, however feeling the need to buy sim cash later on in the game because doing anything feels near impossible.

There are six different Sim Cash packages available for purchase from the in app store. A pocketful of Sim Cash will cost you $4.99, a little stack of Sim Cash will cost you $9.99, a nice pile of SIm Cash will cost you $19.99, a briefcase of Sim Cash will cost you $34.99, a big sack of Sim Cash will cost you $49.99 and a huge vault of Sim Cash will cost you $99.99. This cash can be used to purchase premium buildings, speed up the building times on you building in construction and other various things that make playing the game a whole lot easier.

SimCity BuildIt Cheats & Tips

In my opinion, with a new game, it's always difficult to come up with tips and tricks for brand new games, especially when you've got no other fellow game enthusiasts to swap notes with, with SimCity BuildIt, I didn't actually find that to be the case as a lot of the game really speaks for itself.

Despite not being widely released when I initially played the game, I managed to get ahold of a copy to play around with. Now quite some time after the full release of the game, I have a much better idea of what works and what doesn't in this game.

First up, one of the most important things that you'll need to do is keep an eye of what resources you have, it's in your best interest to try and store as many as you can, so you won't experience needing resources but having none later on in the game when you're at the most crucial point.

Since this game is a city management one, you have a whole lot to consider in order to keep your city in perfect running order, so do yourself a favor and prioritize what exactly is important in the game. One of the most important factors being the attitudes of your citizens. If you find that you've got some unhappy citizens in a specific area, any projects that you also have running in the area will need to be put on the backburner until you've ensured the happiness of your citizens.

Remember, if you even find yourself struggling to improve how your citizens feel about the place, build some parks in the residential areas to improve the overall happiness of the area.

Another important thing that should be high on your list of priorities is ensuring that you've got plenty of fully built fire departments throughout your city, this will ensure that your citizens stay safe in case of fire, otherwise, you could end up with a totally out of control fire and nobody to rescue your screaming citizens.

When you do build a brand new residential area in the game, make sure that it is covered by the necessary services, otherwise, it will fall into disarray and that neighborhood won't end up generating any income for you, which is something you do not want to happen. Pay attention to the area of effect of your police stations and fire stations; try to get as much land coverage as you possibly can in order to protect your entire city.

Remember that the service buildings and factories do not actually require fire station and police coverage, so place your police stations and fire stations in spot where they will better serve your citizens and their homes.

Factories should be working constantly; otherwise, you'll end up losing some serious cash. As you get to know the dynamics of the game better, you'll develop some pretty decent methods of going about your day to day routine; ensure that whilst you play, you're building up resources, if you must build up resources that take a longer amount of time to collect, I would advise saving these until you're done for the day as they'll be ready and waiting for you the next time you get on the game to play.

Sometimes, you'll notice small bubbles with gold coins pop up, if you tap these bubbles, they'll pop and you'll receive important information from a city informant. The information differs, but is usually a really helpful pointer that will provide you with important information about selling resources for extra money. I very much advise going with the deal the offer, unless it seriously undercuts you, especially if it's for the lower tier resources that you can make back really quickly.

If you don't like where you've initially placed something, don't worry about having to move it, as moving your building costs you absolutely nothing. So if you see an opportunity for a better building placement, don't hesitate, just do it. If you decide to rearrange your city later on in the game when you've created bigger busier metropolis, any decisions you made earlier on in the game, which in hindsight, might not have been very good idea at the time. By simply extending your roads, you can create entirely new neighborhoods and a much better organized city.

SimCity BuildIt Hack for Simoleons & SimCash

The hack tool for Simoleons and Simcash will let you add an unlimited amount of these resources to your SimCity BuildIt account. The SimCity BuildIt hack works for both Android and iOS devices and is tested to be 100% functional.

Hearthstone Heroes Hack & Cheats for Gold, Dust & Packs

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If you came to me a couple of years ago and asked me if I wanted to play a Warcraft themed game, I probably would have laughed in your face, called you a huge nerd and told you to go back to the dungeon. These days, however, it's totally different story. I have to admit that I'm a huge fan of my Pandaren Rogue. When I found out that Hearthstone was added to the app store, it was an instant download after my raiding buddies had raved about the PC version.

Hearthstone is an immensely popular game and usually stays pretty high in the rankings, even now, so long after its initial release. In September 2014, the number of registered Hearthstone users was over twenty million, a number which seriously proves the popularity of the game.


Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is a CCG (Collectible Card Game) that is highly reminiscent of various other popular card games. The game works as a turn based system between two different players who will each take turns drawing cards from the deck in order to form a protective front line to deter the enemy attacks. Depending on which character type you chose, you will be able to either equip special weapons to maximize your attacks or even cast spells to attack.

The battles can be fought in different ways; either between you and another player, or between you and a computer opponent. You will usually start out fighting against computer opponents as this mode is the easier of available modes. The computed games are usually recommended for new players to start with as they help build up the confidence to face off against a veteran Warcraft player.

All players are required to create a account in order to fully play the game, this allows you to attach any progress you make you your account, thus making your saved game accessible across multiple platforms. The player can pick from multiple different game modes that offer different experiences, which creates a more diverse game for the player.

Players begin the game with a small collection of the available cards in the game, slowly gaining more rarer and more powerful cards as the game goes on. Unwanted cards can also be disenchanted to create brand new cards.

The game is set within the Warcraft universe, so the are many familiar locales and characters that are recognizable as being from the main game. You will be represented by the hero (or even villain) of your choice, specific characters represent a certain class which means that you will end up with cards that are class specific and even class specific powers and weapons.

You will begin the game with thirty health points, you must force your opponents health bar down to zero in order to win the match. However, if you find that you run out of heath before your opponent does, you will lose and forfeit the match.

Classes available are; Warlock, Gul'dan represents this class, Rogue, Valeera Sanguinar represents this class, Shaman, Thrall represents this class, Druid, Malfurion Stormrage represents this class, Hunter, Rexxar represents this class, Warrior, the infamous Garrosh Hellscream represents this class, Priest, Prince Anduin Wrynn represents this class, Mage, which is represented by Jaina Proudmoore and finally Paladin, Uther the Lightbringer represents this class.

With the start of each new turn, you will pull new cards from the deck, In this deck can be a variety of different preselected cards determined by you before the beginning of the game. Regardless of what class you do decide on, the majority of your cards will be the same, however there are still some cards that will be specific to the class that you have chosen, so choose your class carefully as the cards you receive may give you a huge edge in battle.

When you are taking your turn, you will notice that you'll have a certain number of moves to make during that specific turn. The crystals indicate exactly if you can make a move during your turn, these moves typically include; using your special powers, having a minion attack or even just placing a new card down. After each turn, your mana crystals will recharge and add one extra point, which will alow you to make the more powerful attacks and moves. Managing your mana is an important skill which you must develop quite quickly in this game, as it can be the difference between making and breaking the match.

When a player either quits or hits zero health points, the battle ends and a winner is declared. Winning the battle will give your hero experience, allowing you to access more cards with better power and higher levels.

The matches can take place in familiar locations such as , Stromwind, Stranglethorn, Naxxramas, Orgrimmar, and Pandaria. Also there is a special Goblins Vs. Gnomes area. The area does not affect anything in battle; however it is a really good nod to the bigger game.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is currently running version 2.0.7628 and requires your device to be running at least iOS version 5.0 or later. The game is currently only available to play in the English language, all instructions are all in English, so Warcraft fans who want to play the game but don't speak any English might be out of luck with this game. Hearthstone is available to download for free from the app store, with the option to purchase further premium in app content. The game currently holds a four and a half star rating on the app store and has mostly positive reactions from the majority of players.

You are able to purchase a variety of different card packages through the in app store, these can cost anywhere between $1.99 and $49.99. Both classic cards and Goblin cards are available to buy in various packages which can contain two, seven, fifteen or forty cards in them. You can also purchase a Naxxramas bundle of cards and even purchase arena entry for $1.99 in the case that you don't have enough gold to enter.

Hearthstone Heroes Cheats & Tips

With a game that really relies on dependable strategy in relation to success at the game, you have to take all the help you can get when it comes to developing the perfect strategy that works for you. So I'm here with some great tips and tricks to help you out along your Warcraft journey.

Because of the fact that there are so many different variables that you need to consider when fighting in this game, no two matches will be the same, nor will any two people be the same, what with the fact that everyone will be using different strategies. This is the reason why it is so important to develop multiple working strategies.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft has many different games modes available for you to play with; you're able to play PvP games with other real players or you can play the computer player to make for a more easy experience. I recommend playing against the computer for quite some time before you move onto PvP mode as it will allow you to get to know the game a whole lot better. The computer player is also a hell of a lot easier to beat, so do yourself a favor and rack up your experience this way, so when you do feel ready to take on PvP, you have a decently leveled up character. Don't even consider moving on to arena battle until you know for sure that you're got your strategies down and you've got plenty PvP battles under your belt. Arena games can be brutal, so I would not advise going into one unprepared.

Hearthstone Heroes Hack for Dust, Gold, & Packs

If you're bent on hacking your game in order to kick some serious ass, I would recommend creating a brand new account. Blizzard is no stranger to banning cheaters, so I doubt that this game will be any different. Making a brand new account just for your hacked game will ensure that you don't lose access to any of your other games, if you have any. With the warning out of the way, I can confirm that there are indeed many working hacks for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft on the hack market at the moment, just ensure that you practice caution if/when you decide to apply a hack.

You can find a hack for Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft at AppGameCheats. This hack tool works for both Android and iOS devices and has been tested to be 100% safe to use. This hack will let you add unlimited amounts of gold, dust and packs to your Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft account. You'll have the best deck in all of Hearthstone by using this cheat!
Since the popularity of Clash of Clans, the mobile gaming market has been filling up with strategy management type games, all offering different things, Star Wars: Commander is one of these games.

You're in the middle of a civil war and both sides are gathering forces to fight for their cause. The Rebellion is fighting for freedom and justice throughout the Galaxy. The Empire is trying to gain control over the entire Galaxy. Taking place between Episode IV: A New Hope and Episode V: The Empire Strikes back, you are part of a band of mercenaries that are looking to settle on Tatooine, your base is quickly established until Jabba the Hutt takes notice of you and sends his own underlings to attack you.


You defeat the underlings but Jabba takes this crushing defeat personally, knowing this, you decide to take contract jobs from the Rebel Alliance and Galactic Empire as a means of protection. After taking on jobs with both sides, you return to find your base utterly destroyed which prompts you to align with of one of the opposing sides.

The premise of the game is you that must pick between the Rebellion and the Empire, the side of which you will defend as you make your way up the ranks as a strong field commander, regardless of which side you pick, the overall gameplay is pretty much the same, but there are certain differences in the way the game plays out and how you approach the Galactic War.

The tutorial mode allows you to play on both sides so that you're able to experience life on either side of the war, allowing you to make a comparative decision when you must pick which side you intend to support. In their fighting campaigns, The Rebels use heroes while The Empire prefers to conquer their battles with machines.

You are given missions in the form of holograms which will allow you to earn credits and alloys which will contribute towards upgrading your base of operations, a place where you train your newest troops and level up vehicles you may have obtained in battle. You are also able to make special hero units, the members of which will differ depending on your side of choice, I picked the Rebels so I saw individuals like Princess Leia, R2D2, Han Solo and Chewbacca.

There are various in app purchases available from the in game store, the premium currency - crystals can be purchased in various quantities starting from a 500 crystal package for prices ranging from $4.99 to $99.99.

Star Wars: Commander is currently running version 2.2.5 and available to play in multiple languages, it requires your device to be running at least iOS 6.0 or later, it can be downloaded for free from the app store with the option to further purchase in app content. The game is currently rated four stars in the app store with generally favorable reviews and positive feedback from players.

Star Wars Commander Cheats & Tips

A general rule you should try to stick to in any massively multiplayer online real time simulation game is concentrating on bulking up on your resources, you can NEVER have too many resources, by doing this, and you'll have a huge advantage when upgrading your base. The majority of players tend to forget about their resource stores because of the distraction of the fighting campaigns in the game.

If you want a long term advantage over other players, it's best to start off the game with a lot of your concentration on resource building development first, you are able to build the Alloy Refinery and Credit Market, these will give you a surplus of resources in a steady stream that you need.

Take advantage of your three day protective shield that you will have at the beginning of the game; you should really work on building up your defenses during this time so that you are protected when your shield does go down leaving you open to attack. Thus far, there are no reputable hacks which have been proven to work, since this game is a server sided one, however, a working hack for Star Wars: Commander is in high demand on game hacking sites.

Star Wars Commander Hack Tool

If you don't want to spend hours trying to build resources in Star Wars Commander, I would recommend using a hack. A hack for Star Wars Commander will allow you to add unlimited amounts of crystals, alloy, and credits directly to your account. Using the hack is easy, just download it onto your phone or device and then enter the information needed to run the hack. You'll no longer have to worry about running out of crystals, credits or alloy any more!

Boom Beach Hack & Cheats for Diamonds, Coins & Wood

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Once more going with what works well for them, Supercell released yet another real time strategy game. After the great success of Clash of Clans, the game development company released Boom Beach, a game with very similar traits as Supercell's previous big time winner, only with a modernized twist to it.

Both the interface of the game and the initial tutorial of Boom Beach strongly resemble that of Clash of Clans, so any dedicated Supercell fans should be able to pick up on how to play the game very quickly. Boom Beach is set on a small island where you have set up your home base; your mission is to protect the natives of the smaller surrounding islands who somehow keep getting captured by the notorious Blackguards.


Whilst being an island superhero, you must also protect your own home island as you will also get targeted by bad guys, in your development you must set up landmines, sniper towers and various other defending weaponry to help protect your own tiny civilization from utter defeat and destruction.

You'll find that the gameplay is initially very slow, but once you get the hang of the game it's actually very easy to control.

As the designated island savior, you must eradicate the defenses that have been built on the tiny islands which you have sworn to protect, after the defenses are down, you must attack the village hall where the natives are being held without food and being forced to work without rest. Once free, the native islanders provide you with regular small sums of money as a show of the gratitude for rescuing them; these gold deliveries will arrive by a small boat that travels between the liberated islands, returning to you when gold has been deposited on it.

In the beginning of your gameplay, you will have multiple buildings already constructed on your island, you will. have; a Level 1 sawmill that produces wood, a Level 1 headquarters and a level 1 residence that provides you with a regular gold income. Also, you will have 50 diamonds, 1600 gold saved and 400 pieces of wood in your stores.

As you begin to get deeper into the game, you are able add more buildings as storage points for your resources, more homes for your villagers for a bigger gold income and you will also be able to upgrade all of your buildings and weapons.

Boom Beach has multiple diamond packages available to purchase from the in game store, the packages can cost anywhere between $4.99 and $99.99 for various quantities starting from a 500 diamond package to a 14,000 diamond package.

Boom Beach is currently running version 18.121.1 and is available to play in numerous languages. It requires your device to be running at least iOS 7.0 or later. It can be downloaded for free from the app store, with the option to purchase extra in app content. This game is currently rated four and a half stars and has generally favorable reviews from players.

Boom Beach Cheats & Tips

Boom Beach is one of the many dreaded server sided games, where legitimate hacks and cheats are near impossible to find. The time change trick doesn't even work on this game and if attempted, you;;l see a notification saying that your construction has been completed, however, there will be no actual change on your island.

Because of this, the only things we can really do when it comes to maximizing your gaming experience all we have to rely on is strategy.

I found various tricks which I could exploit in a perfectly safe way. one of the easiest things that I found was the fact that you can really make a good amount of gold just from attacking the other islands, if you're low on gold, or just need a few pieces to get that last upgrade, don't bother waiting for your level one houses to give you a couple gold here and there, if you need money, island liberating is where you need to be at. Keep in mind that once you've uncovered all of the possible islands, you'll need to upgrade your radar so that you're able to explore further out, rescuing more islands as you go.

As we all know, upgrading times can be murder when you're waiting around for that tower or residence to finish upgrading because you literally can't do anything else building wise until your upgrade is done, the time you spend waiting can be used in more productive ways such as attacking captured islands or making new troops so you can attack and win a lot quicker, while you wait, you can battle as much as you want, providing you still have islands that are yet to be freed by you.

If you find that you need extra wood, you need go no further than your own home island; you can chop down a tree in exchange for six hundred gold and you'll receive three hundred pieces of wood.

Also, try to make sure upgrading your buildings in Boom Beach is one of your primary focuses, particularly your headquarters due to that fact that it will unlock new buildings for you to start work on that will contribute to the success of your island. Try to do this right at the beginning of the game as it will allow you to hit level five much faster, which is a point in the game where things start to get a little more interesting.

Before you attack one of those nasty Blackguard controlled islands, it's always a good idea to scout ahead before your actual attack, this way, and you're able to see whether you can actually take them down or not.

Pay attention to any achievements you might get and what needs to be done to complete them, as any completed achievements will give you a reward of diamonds, there are three stars to each achievement, you gain one star each time you complete the achievement requirements, you also gain a different number of diamonds depending on which star you have gained, you get 10 diamonds for your first star, 20 diamonds for your second star and 30 diamonds for your third star.

Boom Beach Hack

If you're looking to get a ton more diamonds, coins and wood in Boom Beach, the hack tool is perfect for you. With the Boom Beach hack, you can add unlimited amounts of diamonds, coins, and wood directly to your Boom Beach account. The hack is free to download and works for both Android and iOS devices. You can get the hack via the site I've linked above.

Family Guy Quest for Stuff Hack & Cheats for Coins & Clams

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Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff begins with the residents of Quahog all gathered together to listen to a game changing announcement from Fox, the show has been cancelled yet again. When Fox explains why, it turns out the Ernie the notorious Giant Chicken is the one who is to blame. Upon learning who is responsible for the show being cancelled, Peter challenges the Chicken to yet another fight, and rather like within the show, they engage in an all-out rumble.

The fight escalates very quickly and the town is completely wrecked in their throw down. After the events in the short cut scene, gameplay begins and Peter explains that it is now your job to help him out in the reconstruction of Quahog and also the repopulation of the town after everyone has mysteriously disappeared. You begin with a small area of land that will become Spooner Street, your first quest; build the Griffin house.


As you progress through the game, gaining experience, leveling up and making more money, you are able to place more homes and businesses which your lovely little immigrants quickly get to work on. With each completed construct, a member of the Quahog community returns to the newly rebuilt town. As you find you have more people in your town, you are given more quests which your citizens must complete.

Many of the iconic Family Guy characters are able to live in your town such as Herbert the Pervert, Quagmire, Consuela, Cleveland Brown, The Brain Dead Horse and many other well known characters. In addition to this, there are playable celebrity characters such as Ron Perlman, Felicia Day, George Takei, Nathan Fillion, Stan Lee, Patrick Stewart and Bryan Cranston. There are also characters from popular culture available to play, like characters from the Alien vs. Predator series.

You are able to unlock iconic buildings from the series which become an active part of your gameplay and quest completing, these include The Quahog Mini Mart, James Woods High School, The Drunken Clam and there is even an appearance of the humorous Al Harrington's Emporium, complete with Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tube Men.

Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff, has a variety of in app purchase options to buy from, should you decide that you want to spend real world money on the game. The premium currency in this game is clams; however you can also purchase regular coins if you're really low on money in the game.

Clam packages are available for a range of amounts from 50 to 3500 clams and can cost anywhere from $1.99 to $99.99. The regular coins packages have a range of amounts from 650 coins to 45,200 coins and can cost anywhere from $1.99 to $99.99 for a. These currencies can be used to purchase premium and non-premium characters, various town decorations, businesses and the homes of Quahog citizens.

Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff is currently running version 1.4.0 and is available to play in multiple languages. It requires your device to be running at least iOS version 5.0 or later. It can be downloaded from the app store for free, with the option to purchase extra premium and non-premium currency.

The game currently holds a four and a half star app rating by app store users with the majority of reviews showing a positive feedback on the app store, from popular critic site Metacritic, the majority of reviews reported negative feedback and bad experiences with the game. You are able to make a TinyCo account which allows you to access your save data across multiple devices and platforms including iOS devices, Android devices and even through the game app on Facebook.

Family Guy Quest for Stuff Cheats & Tips

TinyCo has recently instigated a policy of no cheating, where if you are found to be in violation of this policy, you will receive a single warning and have any illegitimately obtained clams to two hundred and fifty clams, if caught cheating twice, you will be banned from playing the game permanently. To prevent this from happening, instead I will be suggesting small, safe things you can follow to help you maximize your playing experience, earning potential and overall fun within the game.

First of all, you should link your account to your social media accounts since this will allow you to find friends that are also actively playing the game and check out their versions of Quahog, this will allow you to get a little extra money, you may even pick up a few clams on your visits. Since you can also do tasks for your friends once a day, try to make it part of your game playing routine to drop by your friends towns once a day.

If you do decide to buy Family Guy currency from the shop with real money, you are better off buying clams rather than coins, since the majority of premium purchases provide you with plenty experience and a good flow of coins once construction is complete, so you should have no need to buy any, unlike clams, which are typically tougher to come by and are usually only a reward for bigger quests or from leveling up.

Since clams are so hard to come by, you should try not to waste them on speeding up the tasks, I know it can get very boring waiting for your citizens to finish up their longer tasks, but you can always kill time by switching to another app while you wait for everyone to finish their tasks, instead you should attempt to save as many of your clams as you can, so that you have enough of them to buy some of the more exclusive premium buildings.

If you know some of your quests involve certain tasks that will take several hours to finish, it's best to wait until you're done for the day , if you start all these tasks then, they'll complete overnight and you'll wake up with a bunch of completed tasks, plenty of experience and a nice chunk of money. When close the app for the day, ensure that all of your citizens are working on a long task, and yes I do mean all of your characters, since you'll end up getting a ton of experience, money and items which could be beneficial to later tasks.

If you find yourself needing to see how much more experience you need to get until the next level of any of your characters, Facespace displays all of your characters current levels and how far they are off the next level, you can also see some pretty funny status updates if you want a comic relief break.

The best way to get tons of coins and clams in Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is by using a hack. The hack for Family Guy Quest for Stuff is free to download and can be used on both Android and iOS devices. All you have to do is install the hack and then enter the amount of coins and clams you want to add to your account. It's easy to use and you can get an unlimited amount of coins and clams! Build the best version of Quahog in the Quest for Stuff without having to worry about spending real money!

8 Ball Pool Hack & Cheats for Points, Cash & Spins

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Ah Miniclip, a huge games comapny that resonated with the entire course of my adolescence, we have fond recollections of each other, it appears they're trying to make a huge comeback in my life, in the form of 8 Ball Pool.

8 ball pool is a highly addictive pool based game app for both iOS and android, you can choose to play as a Miniclip member, with your Facebook account or as a guest member which requires none of your details. Once you've decided on the account type which you would like to use to play with, you can explore the tutorial mode against the computer player which allows you to get a feel for the game and ensures that you understand how to play properly. Once you have experienced the tutorial, you are then able to play against real people rather than an AI.


There are five various levels which are based around different countries, these are; London, Sydney, Moscow, Tokyo and Las Vegas. To play a game of pool in one of these levels, you must pay an entry fee with the money chips you are given in the beginning of the game or chips you have won from previous games, if you then go on to win your pool game, you re-obtain the money you originally paid, in addition to the money put down by your opponent to play.

If you happen to lose the match, you dont win any chips and lose the chips you put down for the game to you opponent. Somehow, there is no actual way to completely lose your chips even if you do lose every game you play in, as you would either not be able to play the game anymore or you would have to purchase further chips, a money making strategy which would most likely encourage players to either delete the game from their device or find a way to cheat the system and give themselves unlimited chips.

The game itself is actually very easy to understand and the instructions in the tutorial game are very clear, once you have broken the rack, you move your pool cue around to allow the guideline to match up with one or more of your designated balls that you want to hit into the table pocket, once you are sure that you have lined up you cue perfectly, you can pull it back using the small force gauge to hit the white ball, the further you pull back, the more force you will hit the ball with.

Each player then has a total of thirty seconds to complete their turn, if you take more than thirty seconds, your turn gets skipped and the other player is then allowed to move the white ball to anywhere on the table of their choosing. To win you must pot either the solid colored balls or the striped balls and the final black ball, which must be potted last.

There is some debate amongst players in concerns to Shark Party's 8 ball pool in that, their game looks almost identical to miniclip's 8 ball pool, so there is a rather large rivalry between the two game as to which will receive the most recognition.

8 Ball Pool is currently running 3.0.1 and can be downloaded from the app store for free with various in app purchase packages available, it requires your device to be running at least iOS 5.0 or later, it is compatible with most iOS devices. You are able to purchase packs of both coins and cash for prices ranging from 99 cents to $9.99.

8 Ball Pool Cheats & Hack

Something to bear in mind when you are shooting you cue is to watch your power and make sure that you don't overpower your shot, in which case, all of the balls will end up flying in every direction or under power your shot, which won't even end up with you touching any of the balls let alone the one you were aiming for, in most cases, however, a soft touch will give the ball a better chance of reaching its target pocket. This is a particularly vital thing to pay attention to, especially when trying to pot into one of those tricky middle pockets.

If you do get into the game, play a lot, those who have the highest scores are the people who play a lot and have truly honed their skills as pool players. Whilst I have come across multiple working hacks for 8 ball pool for jailbroken devices, anyone wanting to hack their game, should be very wary when using any hacks as miniclip has a banning system in place and if caught, your account will be permanently banned, so if you do plan on using a hack, you are better off using a guest account, so should you get banned, it's quite easy to continue playing.

You can find the hack for 8 Ball Pool linked above. It's easy to use and free to download. Using the hack will give you unlimited points, cash and spins in 8 Ball Pool. No more having to worry about losing all of your cash if you lose a match. You can also jump up in the ranks quickly by using the hack for points. If you want to progress in 8 Ball Pool, you need the hack tool!
The newest member of the FIFA family from EA Sports has a brand new football concept which offers fans of the game an entirely new experience. The focus of this sports simulation is placed on discovering a perfect lineup with which you hope to win, managing players have the ability to see the compatibility between members of the team with the implementation of the chemistry system, which shows precisely which of your players play perfectly together and which of your players really don't perform well together at all.

Whilst managing the team, you are also put in control of your players and their actions whilst they compete against the opposing team, deciding when and/or if they pass the ball, when they move faster by sprinting towards the other side of the football pitch and even the specific timing of their goal shooting. To improve your team, you continue to make money through winning games which can then be spent of new, better players in order to improve the chemistry of your team. Whilst there are definitely better football simulation games on the gaming market, FIFA 15 Ultimate Team definitely has a lot to offer.


FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is one of the closest things to owning your own football team. There are over 12,000 different players to make your choice from which means that there are a lot of possibilities when it comes to creating your very own team. Every decision that you make contributes towards your win or loss. You decide who gets to stay with you and your team and who is ultimately gets kicked off the team. Because you build the team yourself, if you win or lose the match, you take it personally with either pride in winning or disappointment in losing.

FIFA 15 is currently running version 1.1.2 and requires your iOS device to be running at least iOS 5.1.1 or later. It can be downloaded for free from the app store with the option to purchase further in app content. There are various currency packages available for purchase within the game, players can purchase FIFA points packs for prices between $0.99 and $99.99 for values of 100 to 10,000 points, these can be used to acquire premium player packs which include the higher quality football players.

Whilst it's easy to know the general rules of how to play FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, I came across a whole lot of tips and tricks which will definitely give you a better playing experience. The hybrid squads that you can create are definitely the best type of team that you can make within the game as they allow you to create a more diverse way of playing matches. If your hybrid teams are built well, they will have good chemistry and will provide you with a higher chance of doing well due to their higher compatibility together which means that your likeliness of winning a large percentage of your games will be pretty high, but, building a good hybrid team with high player chemistry is going to be difficult and in no way easy.

Filling both sides of your lineup with athletes from a single league or nationality will provide you with a high chemistry level, because you won't have more than one dead link between players. If you want to succeed in this game, your main aim should be to pay attention to the levels of chemistry between your players, a higher chemistry level will allow you to win more and more games.

Any player who really struggles with the game can always find working hacks and save files for both jail broken and non-jail broken devices if they know where to look, for example, if you're having a hard time getting any goals in single player mode, there is a hack that will ensure you get a goal every time you shoot. This can be done using a file manager such as iFile or iTools. Locate the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team folder and follow this process; .appfolder > ini folder > na folder > open Common.ini in a text editor > change both the Force_Ideal_Shot and the GK_Force_Miss to 1.
After you have followed this process, when you take a shot at full power in game, the goalkeeper completely loses his ability to stop any balls you kick his way unless the ball hits him, otherwise, the ball will find its way into the net every time you shoot. Bear in mind that this hack can only be used on your single games, not the multiplayer games. There also a whole lot of other hacks which can be used in this game.

Visit App Game Cheats for a full list of FIFA 15 cheats and hacks. You can unlock an unlimited amount of coins and FIFA points using the hack tool. It's free to download and has been tested to work. You'll no longer have to worry about your friends beating you because you'll have the best team in the game. Feel free to comment with any additional cheats or hacks you find for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team!

Draw Something Cheat & Working Hack

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Draw Something is a lot like Pictionary and while it seems that the same concept has been used over and over, this game definitely builds on the classic game. While the game isn't too complicated there are draw something cheats out there if you are interested. I've used some from that work pretty well. They can help when you want to play with your friends and dominate the game.

You can play multiple games at the same time, and you will want to, because your earn coins every single time that you get a word right, if you're good at the game, your bank will fill up really quick and you'll find yourself owning every color available without ever having to spend a penny on the game. Another way to fill up your bank is with a draw something cheat or hack tool. We don't recommend using them as we don't ourselves, but if you're looking for that we've got you covered.


The word solver cheat is on the homepage of that site. The actual hack tool is on another page so you'll need to find that using their navigation.

These coins can also be used to purchase bombs that get rid of any wrong letters in your letter tray when your guess what your opponent is drawing. The bombs are useful, especially when my opponent starts to struggle with their word and ends up drawing something that has no resemblance of anything on this earth, cue the bombs please? Those players who do find themselves playing a lot may want to spend the $2.99 on the paid version because there really are only so many times a person can draw Shrek without getting to the point of irritation where you just scribble the word Shrek across your screen.

Draw Something is not a challenge (unless you're really bad at drawing) nor is it a competition. What it is, is a social game which is meant to bring people together, even those who were previously strangers. Whether you find yourself playing against a close friend or an absolute stranger, you learn more about those people. How a person plays Draw Something says a lot about them. They may have an eye for detail, or they may even know how to enjoy a good joke, or maybe they just play in a completely unique way. There are some cheating players that try to simply write their word to make an easy few coins. The lack of challenge and competition in this game will most likely be a deterrent to many, but to others, they will find purely innocent fun in this game. This is one of the reasons the game is so popular. That said we all have times when we want a little bit of an edge and the available draw something cheats can really help with that.

Draw Something is currently running version 2.3.3 and is available to play in multiple different languages. It requires your device to be running at least iOS version 4.3 or later. It is available both as a free app and a paid app costing $2.99 on the app store, both have the option to purchase further in app content, however the paid app does already have some tools and colors unlocked which are not free in the free version. It is currently rated four and a half stars in the app store and has generally good reviews from users. It has Facebook integration so you are able to access your current games and unlocked features across multiple devices.

There are various premium currency packages available in Draw Something; the player can purchase coin packs for prices ranging from $1.99 to $24.99 for values ranging from 400 coins to 10,000 coins, these can be used to purchase extra colors, bombs and extra drawing tools. Another option, albeit a potentially immoral one, is to use the draw something hack tool which allows you to generate a variety of free upgrades. Things like extra bombs and extended drawing tools can be had for free. That said we don't condone using these tools.

Draw Something Tips and Tricks.

When playing this game, one of my biggest tips for you is to pay attention to the line thickness tool, using the default line thickness makes it really hard for both parties involved in the game, it can make it incredibly difficult for you to draw properly and it can be very difficult for your opponent who may not be able to even figure out what you have even drawn. With the thinnest option, you can add so much more detail to your drawings and make for a much better game. If you use the draw something cheat you can actually get a variety of free drawing tools which should really help in this area.

If you're nervous about some of the harder words, really don't be afraid to test your skills, while a lot of the harder ones are usually celebrities, most of the others are still pretty easy to draw as long as you know what cues to give your opponent in your drawing. Because these are more difficult to accurately portray, you win far more coins, better personal stats, and a feeling of sheer awesomeness.

Bombs are incredibly useful as they will eliminate some of the letters in your bank, which will help you guess what the correct word might be if you get really stuck, bear in mind that you should ONLY use these when you're stuck faster than superglue. Make sure that you don't get carried away with using your bombs because once you start using bombs at every opportunity, you'll run out of them very quickly; only use them in dire need. Again use the draw something bomb cheat if you want to have unlimited bombs in the game.

Also if you can't figure out the picture straight away, take a moment to check out your available letters. If you've played scrabble or Words With Friends, you'll be familiar with rearranging your available letter to come up with some semblance of a word, this is a great tactic, especially if you're struggling. If possible, I suggest using a tablet to play this game as you have so much more screen space to be able to draw what you want to draw whilst paying attention to the smaller details, also, if you have a stylus, try to use it to play this game; it makes the drawing process feel so much more natural.

One of the things I really enjoy about this game is the fact that there are no time limits for completing your drawing or making your guess, there are no punishments even if you do get the word wrong either. I also like the fact that when I linked my Facebook to the game, I was able to access all of my previously started games and I didn't have to start over with the process of building up my colors, I also like that I was able to see all of my friends who were also actively playing the game and who were looking for someone new to face off against. You're also given the option to invite other friends that aren't already playing, I like this because it allows me to suggest the game to friends I know would enjoy the game. I also really like the fact that despite the fact that the game was originally release back in 2012, OMGPOP are still releasing updates for the game, which really makes me want to carry on [playing and see what other new things they may come up with.


Sadly there seems to be no system in place to prevent people from cheating at the game by just writing the word down to make coins, it really takes the fun out of the game when you come across people who aren't even willing to try drawing the word thy picked, it makes the game pointless because they just want coins to get more colors and bombs, but what is the point of getting these if you aren't going to even draw?

My Draw Something Review


Artwork: I give Draw Something an 8/10 for its artwork. Considering that you are the artist in this game, really the rating depends on how good an artist you are. The overall design of the game is colorful and visually appealing and definitely well done.

Music and SFX: I give the game a 5/10 for its music and SFX. There really isn't much in the way of music however there are fun little sound effects at various, appropriate times, like when you submit a drawing or successfully complete a round. I wish there were more music in this game as it would make it feel a lot more artsy and contribute to the overall atmosphere of the game, making for a better experience. One of the cooler hacks i've found is actually a music replacement hack that lets you customize your draw something experience with your taste of music. Something to give a shot if you're an audiophile like myself.

Story and Originality: I give the game an 8/10 for its story and originality. Whilst the Pictionary concept isn't all that new, Draw Something really builds on what Pictionary set out to do. Draw Something is a modern twist on a classic game.

General Gameplay: I give the game an 8/10 for its general gameplay. The gameplay itself is easy to grasp and fun regardless of whether you're really good at art or your expertise stops at stick men. It's a simple game with not much to it. Hopefully draw something 2 has some more features to make it a little more interesting. PS already has a working hack tool available for the game based off of the beta version.

Addictiveness: I give the game an 8/10 for its addictiveness. Because this game is so easy to play through, where earning coins isn't a difficult feat, you find yourself wanting to play more games for those extra few coins so you can buy that shade of red you've just been dying to get.

My overall rating for Draw Something is 7/10

That said hopefully this cheats guide and draw something review helped you out. If you have any questions about the game just leave us a reply on this post and I'll do my best to answer them.

Swing Copters Cheats & Tips

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Many of you are already familiar with the game that tested many friendships and brought some people to the edge of insanity: Flappy Bird. For those of you who haven't heard of Flappy Bird, it was a game with a simple concept but very difficult execution. The objective was to guide your bird through a maze while tapping to keep it from touching the different obstacles. Flappy Bird was an instant hit because of the difficulty and the competitive aspect of trying to get a better score than your friends. Then one day, shortly after the release of Flappy Bird, the developer pulled the game from the App Store.

Well now the developer, Dong Nguyen, is back with a new game app called Swing Copters. At first glance, the game appears to be very similar to Flappy Bird. It shares the same cartoon animation and even involves tapping the screen to avoid obstacles. However there are some notable differences between Flappy Bird and Swing Copters.

  • Your character is a little guy wearing a helicopter hat, not a bird
  • You'll have to maneuver your character upward instead of flying horizontally
  • Tapping will move the helicopter man from left to right to avoid the obstacles
  • Instead of trying to fly through stationary pipes, you'll have to avoid swinging hammers

Sounds like fun right? From the looks of it, Swing Copters will be even more difficult than Flappy Bird which could increase the competitive aspect of the game or cause players to totally lose their minds and stop playing. If Flappy Bird is an indicator then players will welcome the added difficulty and bragging rights they'll have over their friends.


Swing Copters is set to be released this week on 8/21/14 and it will surely bring some buzz with it because of Flappy Bird's immense popularity. Only time will tell if Swing Copters will be as popular as Flappy Bird.

As soon as Swing Copters is released, you'll be able to find some cheats and tips for the game. I have linked my favorite site to use for app cheats above. If you know of any Swing Copters cheats or tips you can comment on there and they will add them to the list!