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IMVU is one of the best online social games in 2014. You can customize a 3D character which will represent you in the IMVU world. Anyone can sign up for free and start interacting with other players online. However if you want to get the full IMVU experience, you need a VIP club membership.

VIP club members have access to all of the great features available in IMVU along with a ton of other benefits! It usually costs about $10 per month to be a VIP club member so it can be too expensive for many players to join. After playing IMVU and realizing I wanted a VIP Club membership, I started looking for ways to get a free VIP membership.


I found a lot of sites that say they'll give you a free VIP club membership but many of them don't actually work. I did find one site that I was actually able to get a free IMVU membership from though. The website is called Free Membership For and they have free memberships for lots of other games too. It's really easy to use so I'll just briefly go over how it works.

It's free to sign up so once you create your account login and you'll be able to see what offers are available. Basically how it works is you fill out surveys and stuff like that and they give you rewards points. Then you use your rewards points to get a free 2014 IMVU VIP club membership. The surveys are a quick way to get points but they have videos too if you dont feel like typing!

IMVU VIP Club Member Benefits

Most of you probably already know why it's so great to be a member of the VIP club in IMVU but for those who don't, let me tell you some of the benefits!

  • 5% discount on all store items
  • 5000 credits every month to spend on anything you want
  • Earn more credits for every month you continue to be VIP
  • Sell items you've created to earn credits
  • Special VIP badge
  • Gets rid of the "Guest_" on your name
  • Able to go shopping with your friends
  • No more ads while you're playing
  • 10% discount on badges
  • More controls while organizing your closet or dressing up
  • After 3 months as a VIP you can change your name if you want
  • Private whispers during chatting
  • Start up to 10 chat rooms
  • New VIP avatar actions
  • Block the avatar actions you don't want

Plus even more benefits that I cant think of! Being a member of the VIP club is much more than just a fancy badge. It really allows you to do anything you want in IMVU. I think the best part is being able to see the items you've created. If you like making things in IMVU then it's a great way to make extra credits!

Another thing I like is being able to make more chatrooms. It's fun being able to make more than one and have a few chats going. If you enjoy playing IMVU and socializing with other players then you need a free 2014 VIP club membership. I got a free month VIP club membership in less than an hour at Free Membership For!

Like I said earlier, it's easy to use their site so I've linked to it above. If you have any problems their help support is pretty good. I had trouble getting into my account at first but they helped me out. I also noticed that they added Download offers to their site now. I haven't tried any of them yet but it looks like they earn double the points of other offers!

If you've always wondered what it was like to have an IMVU VIP club membership, let me tell you it's awesome! And now that I've showed you where you can get one for free, there's nothing stopping you. Trust me, it's worth it!

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