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If you are looking for a free moshi monsters membership you came to the right place. We decided to test all of the "free moshi memberships" sites online and see which ones were actually legit. While doing this we learned which websites actually provide memberships, which are the easiest to earn, and which of the websites are just scams. So instead of wasting all of your time trying out the different sites and possibly even getting a virus in the process just take a look below.

So after testing all the main websites (we tested 8 in total) we only found one website that actually gave away free moshi memberships. That site was . We we're able to earn a one month card code in about 10 minutes. We used fake emails on all the websites and this one still allowed us to get the points.


Pro-Tip: The download offers are the easiest and fastest way to earn points. If you concentrate on the downloads you should be able to earn a membership card in only a few minutes. We only tested it for a little bit but I would assume you could earn a free one year membership for moshi monsters in about an hour if you only did downloads.

Why would you want a Moshi membership account?

You can have Way more friends on your list. When you have a paid moshi monsters membership account you can have over a thousand friends on your list.

Have you ever heard of super moshis? Well if you have a membership you can become a super moshi! It's pretty sweet and you can start collecting yourself some secret moshlings.

Next up you have the option of having your art displayed in the world famous googenheim art studio. Time to get yourself a power pallet.

If you want a crazy cool house then you need to be a member. You can build tons of unique rooms and crazy houses like a giant skyscraper.

You want your friends to have some games to play when they visit your house? Well with a moshi monsters membership you can actually buy games from the starcade and put them in your house so anyone visiting can try them out.

The hottest nightclub in moshi monsters is the underground disco. If you don't have a membership the bouncer at the front door won't let you in.

Need a place for your moshlings to hang out. Well you can get yourself the moshling zoo. Even better you get yourself a bunch of uber-rare moshling seeds so you can get some of the rarest ones in the game!

Is there a specific color you want for your monster? Well with the colorama you can choose from a virtually unlimited number of color combos. Seriously with the colorama you can create billions of unique combos.

One of the coolest areas in the game is the port. If you have a membership for moshi monsters you can cross the bridge and make your way into the port city with all it's shops and exclusive areas.

Last but not least with a moshi monsters membership you are able to shake down those rox trees. That's right you can just shake the tree and watch as the rox fall down. This is the easiest way to get rox on the game and it's only available if you have a paid account.

If you made it this far reading then I know you are excited about getting yourself a free moshi monsters membership. So what are you waiting for! Time visit the only working site and get your's today for free! If you want to learn a little more about moshi monsters check out their wiki!

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