Moviestarplanet Free VIP Membership Cheats 2014

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Moviestarplanet is still one of the most popular online social games for kids in 2014. Players of this hit game can do everything from creating their own movies to chatting with friends in various chatroom settings. If fashion is more your style, then you can design tons of custom looks and styles then share them with your friends or the world! MSP is available for anyone to play for free but in order to get the full experience, you must have a VIP membership which costs money.

VIP memberships cost about $70-$80 which is pretty expensive for the average Moviestarplanet player. There are a couple ways to get free VIP membership just by playing the game but it usually involves winning a competition against thousands of other players. Plus even if you do get first place, you only get two weeks worth of VIP membership so it's not really that much.


Lots of Moviestarplanet players look for ways to get a free VIP membership outside of the actual game. There are some sites where you can do surveys or other offers to get a free MSP VIP membership. These websites usually work pretty well but I'd recommend reading any reviews on them before you try them!

The easiest way to get a free Moviestarplanet VIP membership is by doing what's called a VIP hack. Basically you download a small "hack tool" onto your computer. This hack tool then directly connects to the MSP servers and can add a VIP membership right to your account. The hardest part about doing a Moviestarplanet VIP hack is trying to find a site that has working hack tools. Luckily for you, I've found a site that works and linked to it above!

Once you download the VIP hack tool, it's easy to add a free VIP membership to your account. Basically you just type in how long of a VIP membership you want to add to your MSP account. I recommend only adding one year at a time. If you add 100 years worth of VIP to your account, it might look odd to the Moviestarplanet admins.

If you're just looking to add more Starcoins, Diamonds, or Fame to your account, they have hack tools for that too! They work in similar ways to the VIP hack tool, you just choose the amount of Starcoins or Diamonds you want instead. Our friends will be wondering how you leveled up ten levels in one day! It's up to you whether you share your hack tool secret with them or not!

The site I mentioned earlier,, also has some Moviestarplanet cheats too if you don't want to download a hack tool. MSP cheats can actually be more difficult to do than just using a hack tool though. Most Moviestarplanet cheats work because of a glitch in the game. Once the MSP admins learn of the glitch, they usually fix it so the cheat no longer works.

So whether you're looking to get a free VIP membership or you're just looking to add a bunch of Starcoins or Diamonds to your account, there's probably a hack tool available for it! Just make sure to use tools from reputable websites like the one I've talked about. Have fun movie stars!

Moviestarplanet Hack Tools 2014

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If you play Moviestarplanet then you know how difficult it can be to get lots of Starcoins or diamonds in the game. Earning fame points to level-up can take a long time too and VIP membership costs up to $80/year! That's why a lot of movie stars choose to use a Moviestarplanet hack. With the use of a hack tool you can get thousands of Starcoins, Diamonds, or fame added to your MSP account instantly.

I've done a lot of research to find the best working Moviestarplanet hacks for Starcoins, Fame, and even free VIP memberships. Some sites will try to scam you so it's important to find a safe and working hack for MSP. The site I've linked to below seems to be the best place to find the newest and safest Moviestarplanet hack tools. They are always posting new ones and will fix any of the tools if they stop working!


So now you may be asking, what exactly is a Moviestarplanet hack? Well Moviestarplanet hacks basically access the MSP servers directly to add Starcoins, Diamonds, or VIP to your account. The way this works is by bypassing the Moviestarplanet blocking features and allowing you to add as much of each currency as you want! Pretty cool right? Here are some more details on the different types of Moviestarplanet hack tools.

Moviestarplanet Hack Tools

There are different types of Moviestarplanet hack tools depending on what kind of hack you want to do. There are also a couple different ways to get these MSP hacks like doing surveys or downloading a small program. I'll discuss the benefits of each type of hack below.

No Download Moviestarplanet Hack

The first type of Moviestarplanet hack does not require a download to use. Most of the time they require you to do a short survey or watch a video to be able to use the hack tool. It can be difficult to find an MSP hack that works with no download though. That's because when you use an online hack, you're using the same access point as thousands of other users so these usually get shut down pretty quickly.

Downloadable Moviestarplanet Hack Tools

The most common type of Moviestarplanet hack tool is the type that you download onto your computer. A lot of players are hesitant to download a program onto their computer so it's important that you find a trustworthy source for MSP hacks. The downloadable hack tools usually work best because instead of using the same access point as everyone else, you get your own so it wont get banned!

Once you decide whether you want to download a Moviestarplanet hack or try to use one that requires no download, you need to make sure the hack tool will do the type of hack you want. Some hack tools are capable of adding Starcoins, Diamonds and Fame all at once while others may only be able to add VIP. It's important to read the reviews on the hack tools before downloading or using them.

Starcoin Hacks

Starcoin hacks are the most common type of Moviestarplanet hack. Since Starcoins can be used to buy almost any item in the game, every player wants to get as many Starcoins as possible! A Starcoin hack can give you thousands of starcoins with just the click of a button. I usually recommend using the downloadable type of hacks so once you install it, just say how many Starcoins you want and press Start!

Hack for Moviestarplanet VIP

VIP hack tools are probably the next most common type of hack. VIP membership unlocks access to all of the cool features in Moviestarplanet. Most players cant afford VIP because it's expensive but a hack can get you it for free. The VIP hacks work just like the Starcoin hack except instead of typing in how many Starcoins you want, you just enter how long of a VIP membership you want! I would recommend only adding one year at a time. If you add like 10 years or something to your account, you might get banned.

Fame Hack for MSP

Fame hack tools can help you rank up very quickly in Moviestarplanet. Earning fame points the normal way can take a very long time but a hack will work right away. Once you find a good program to download, enter your username and how many fame points you'd like to be added to your account and you're good to go! Just make sure you don't overdo it. If the MSP admins see that you went up 50 levels in one day, they could flag your account.

Hopefully this guide will give you a better idea of how the different types of Moviestarplanet hacks work. I'll be posting more information on how these hacks work and will go into more detail on how exactly to install and do MSP hacks. Until then be sure to check out the site I've listed above for all of the latest working Moviestarplanet hacks for 2014!

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