Free Pirate101 Membership Game Cards + Crowns

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Pirate101 is one of the most fun online adventure games in 2014. Players can be the captain of their very own pirate ship and sail through the Skyway exploring all the worlds of Pirate101. There are all sorts of different quests and characters to meet throughout the Pirate101 universe.

Although it's free for anyone to sign up and play Pirate101, you need a membership in order to access all of the worlds and features. Pirate101 membership cards can cost up to $80 per year for a membership so it's understandable why many players can't afford to purchase one. That's why I started looking for ways to get a free Pirate101 membership for 2014.


One of the only working sites I found is called They have lots of free memberships available for a bunch of different online games. The site works by having users do surveys or other offers in exchange for rewards points. Then you can use your rewards points to get a free Pirate101 membership game card.

There are all sorts of cool things you can do with a Pirate101 membership. Members have full access to all the worlds in the Skyway and lots of other fun stuff like:

  • Faster health regeneration during battles
  • Player housing
  • Larger friends list
  • Access to every game world and area
  • More room in your backpack for inventory
  • Free chat options
  • Get Crowns with every game card

If you're tired of having to use crowns to unlock every new world, then you need a Pirate101 membership! Members can freely sail through the Skyway without having to worry about spending crowns to unlock areas or having to wait to play. Now you can have access everything in Pirate101 whenever you want!

I was able to get a free Pirate101 game card in only about 30 minutes at Free Membership For. It was easy once I signed up for a free account I just picked out a couple different offers and did them. You can do surveys or even watch video clips to earn rewards points. Once you save up enough points you can use them to get your free Pirate 101 game card!

Have you explored all of the different worlds in Pirate101 yet? There are lots of awesome areas to be discovered like Aquila, Cool Ranch, Valencia, Marleybone, Monquista, Mooshu, Skull Island, and more! Members also get first access to all of the newest worlds whenever they come out. Explore new worlds before any other players get to!

No more having to pay to unlock the next chapter of missions in Pirate101. You can continue on your quest for treasure without having to spend your crowns to see what happens next. Play through every adventure whenever you want with a free Pirate101 membership game card.

Some of you may be skeptical as to if this site actually works. The truth is there are a lot of sites that say they'll give you a free Pirate101 game card but few of them actually do. is the only place I've found that really does work. In fact, they say they give away more free Pirate101 memberships than any other website!

If you're interested in getting a 2014 Pirate101 membership for free, I highly recommend you check out Free Membership For. It's fast and easy to get started and you can get your free Pirate101 game card in no time!

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