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Roblox is one of the most popular free online builder games in 2014. Players can create entire virtual worlds and games using only their imagination and creativity. Roblox is available for anyone to play for free but in order to access all of the great features, you need a Builders Club membership!

The Roblox Builders Club is the paid monthly membership available for Roblox. Builders Club game cards can cost up to $130 per year! That's why I started looking into ways to get a free Roblox Builders Club membership for 2014. I found a site where you can get free Roblox Builders Club game cards in exchange for doing surveys and watching videos!


The site is called and they have Roblox Builders Club game cards and free memberships for lots of other games too! It's totally free to sign up and you can start earning a Builders Club membership for 2014 right away. I got a one month Classic Builders Club membership in only about 30 minutes!

Here's how Free Membership For works. First you sign up for a free account, there is no credit card required or anything like that. Then you log in to your account to see what offers are available in your country. You can choose from offers like doing surveys, watching videos, or even reviewing new online games. Once you complete an offer, you'll get rewards points in you FreeMembershipFor account. Then you can use your points to get a free Roblox Builders Club membership! Pretty cool right?

The more rewards points you earn, the better Roblox membership you can get. Save up your points and you can get up to a full year long membership! Some of you may be wondering why you'd want a free Roblox Builders Club membership? Well let me fill you in on some of the benefits of having a Builders Club membership.

  • Daily allowance of R$15 to R$60 Robux
  • Able to have multiple games and environments open at once
  • Create groups
  • No advertisements
  • Join more groups than free members
  • Trade items with other Roblox members
  • Test out BETA features before other players
  • Promote your creations in the Roblox catalog
  • Sell items to other members

As you can see there are lots of benefits to having a Roblox Builders Club membership! You can get a Classic, Turbo, or Outrageous Builders Club membership from FreeMembershipFor. It's up to you how many points you earn and the type of membership you get! Why pay for Robux when you can get some for free every day?!

My favorite part of having a Builders Club membership is being able to share my creations with other players and get feedback and suggestions for how to improve them! After all, what good are the awesome Roblox creations without being able to share them? It's great being able to work on multiple environments at once too!

It's also great being able to play without advertisements! Builders Club members don't see any ads which is pretty cool. The Roblox trading system is pretty sweet too. I've gotten some great items without having to spend a ton of Robux on them!

If you're serious about playing Roblox then you need a Builders Club membership. You're able to do so much more stuff in the game and expand your developments way more. So why not get yourself a Builders Club membership for summer 2014? It doesn't take much time at all to get one at, check it out!

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