So one of the coolest things about stardoll is how much you can customize yourself, your suite, and even your presentation. All of the most famous stardoll players have a custom presentation and it really helps set you apart from other users.

The only problem with a professional stardoll presentation is the fact that until now you've had to learn how to code html or copy someone else's. Well that's no longer the case! has released an awesome new presentation builder tool that acutally lets you generate your own custom versions without needing to code anything. It's really easy to use and you just need to click on the colors, design layouts, pictures, and fonts you want to use. They even allow you to use special effects and graphics!

Click the image below to download and use the builder.


Sure you can still go to Google Images and try to find one but it takes so much longer and sometimes they don't even work right.

Also if you want there are a bunch of guides like this one on youtube but nothing is as easy to use or as fast as the builder software.

If you have any questions or need some help putting a custom presentation for stardoll go to and ask. They've built a lot of them for readers so you might be able to get one too!

Stardoll LE Items For Free - Get Yours

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Stardoll has released an update on their instagram page today that informed us that they are adding a bunch of new LE items to the game! You can learn more by clicking here. You can also get a bunch of cheats, hacks, and new updates daily on that website so be sure to bookmark it!

Anyways as of this post the news is that it will be released this friday!

We aren't 100% sure what all will be included in the new items but it looks like it's going to be a pretty good set to kick off the new season.

Here's the sneak peak picture from insta...


Leave us a comment and let us know what you think is going to be included in the new update!

Happy shopping!

Stardoll Hack for Starcoins & Stardollars 2014

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Earning Starcoins and Starpoints in Stardoll can take a lot of time and effort. It can take hours just to get a few hundred Starcoins by earning them the normal way. That's why a lot of users use a Stardoll hack to get tons of Starcoins, Starpoints and even Stardollars for free!

I started researching these Stardoll hack tools a few months ago to see if any of them actually worked. The truth is there are a lot of sites that try to scam you or dont actually work. The good news is that I found a site that actually has working Stardoll hacks and cheats! I'll explain what hacks they offer and how you can find them below!


Most of these hack tools require you to download a small program to your computer but there are some that you can do without a download too! Once you pick out what Stardoll hack you want to do, you just put in your username and choose how many Starcoins, Starpoints, or Stardollars you want and the hack will just add them to your account. You can even get a free Superstar membership by using one of these hack tools!

Starcoin Hacks

As you know, Starcoins are the main form of money in Stardoll. Starcoins can be used to buy many of the items and outfits in the game. You can earn Starcoins by creating your own designs and completing different challenges in the game but you only earn a few Starcoins for each challenge. A Starcoin hack will get you thousands of Starcoins with just the click of a button!

Hack for Starpoints

Starpoints are what determines your level in Stardoll. Players earn Starpoints by completing tasks and getting Starcoins. Earning Starpoints can take just as long as earning Starcoins though so unless you want to spend hours doing random tasks, a hack is probably your best option. A Starpoint hacks works in the same way as the Starpoint hack tool. Just choose how many Starpoints you want added to your account and the hack will add them.

Superstar Hack

The Superstar membership is the paid membership in Stardoll. Superstar members get access to all of the features and items in Stardoll. Superstar Stardolls can get new items before other players, have more rooms in their suite, get exclusive sales, and much more. The Superstar membership costs about $7 per month which is like $85 for a year, pretty expensive. So if you dont want to have to pay for a Superstar membership, then the Superstar hack is for you!

Hack for Stardollars

Stardollars are the exclusive currency for Superstars. Other Stardolls can purchase Stardollars too but they're expensive, about $6 for 200 Stardollars. Stardollars can be used to purchase the rarest and most exclusive Stardoll items. You can also earn Stardollars by doing different offers but this usually means you have to buy something or do surveys and that's no fun. The Stardollar hack is one of the most popular hacks I've found because everyone wants them!

If you're interested in using any of the hacks I've mentioned, check out by typing it in or clicking on the image above! Their site is the only one I've found that has actual working Stardoll hacks. It's easy to use and they have instructions for how to do each kind of hack. I've tested the Stardollar hack and the Superstar hack and they both work perfectly! Anyone who's tired of trying to earn Starcoins the hard way or sick of paying for membership should definitely check out Stardoll Cheats Blog.

Stardoll Cheats - Complete Working List for 2014

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When it comes to playing stardoll there are a ton of things you can do on the game. The only problem is that a lot of the cool stuff takes a long time to get or may not even be possible if you have a new account. It takes forever to earn starcoins and stardollars and leveling up is a lot of work. Even worse some stuff like hidden shops, rare LE items, and the like may not even be available anymore.

Good new is that website like actually have a bunch of cheats guides and hack programs that can actually help you in the game. Best of all these are all safe to use and can't ban your account. Be sure you only use the stuff on that site or other trusted blogs because a lot of the stardoll cheats and hack programs out there are not safe and may harm your computer or account.


So are you wondering what some of the best stardoll cheats are? Well here's a list of our favorite from the blog. If you want to learn even more about the game beforehand check out the following link.

Hair Cheats

This is one of my favorite because I really like having a ton of hairstyles to try out. I like to customize my style and make it unique almost everyday. So having unlimited access to all the hair styles in the game is a big pro for me.

Free Stuff
The updated free stuff on stardoll blogs are nice. Instead of having to find them all on my own which takes forver they find all the free stuff and give you direct links to the free stuff.

Unlimited Stardollars and Starcoins
To do this cheat you need to download the cheats and hack software they have. I have it on my computer and it's virus free and safe to use. They also have an online version that is pretty cool but it gets shut down pretty often by the game because of updates. So I just download the software version and it works great all the time.

Level Up Cheats
My personal account is already a pretty high level but I use the level up for a lot of my friends on stardoll who have new accounts. It definitely makes the game more fun once your a high level.

Unlock Rare Items
If you are new to the game there is a good chance you can't get all the cool items, clothes, furniture, and stuff that you want. With the rare item cheats on stardoll you can. There is a huge database of different stardoll items and their item ID numbers. Plug in the ID number and your account into the cheats software and it can add it to your account.

Free Superstar Cheat

This is probably my favorite stardoll cheat but the problem is that a lot of the time it gets patched and stops working. HollywoodSam from does a pretty good job of updating the software to bypass the patches but sometimes it takes a while. Good news though they seem to give a lot of free superstar memberships for stardoll away on the blog with weekly contests and drawings. So be sure to check the site often or better yet follow them on twitter and facebook. Most of the contests are posted there as well.

Password hacker
So this is kind of a "gray" area. I don't believe in hacking other stardoll users passwords and accounts so I don't like this. The password finder lets you type in a username and it tries to generate that users password so that you can get into their account. I'm not a fan and don't recommend this.

UPDATE: It looks like HollywoodSam agrees and decided to remove this from the blog. I'm glad she did.

Overall if you want the best updated cheats for stardoll be sure to visit . Hopefully my guide explains a little bit more about what you can and can't do in the game. If you have any questions be sure to leave me a comment!