Wizard101 Free Memberships for 2014

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Wizard101 is the best free online MMO-style wizardry game in 2014. Anyone can sign up for free and start playing right away. Players can learn different disciplines of magic and advance their wizard throughout the game by completing quests and challenges. In order to access all of the zones and features of Wizard101, you need to have a paid membership.

The Spiral is the name of the Wizard101 realm that has all of the different areas or "worlds." There are 13 different game worlds in Wizard101. Each world has a different theme and story of its history. In addition to the the unique characteristics each world has, you'll find new characters, challenges, and evil forces at each area.


When you begin playing Wizard101, you can choose which type of magic you'd like to learn first. There are a number of different schools of magic, each school teaches a different discipline of magic. Players can choose from Fire, Ice, Storm, Myth, Life, Death, and Balance. In addition to these types of magic, advanced players can learn magic of the Sun, Moon, and Star.

Those are just some of the great challenges and journeys you can choose from in Wizard101! But as I mentioned earlier, you need a membership. Wizard101 memberships can be purchased online using a credit card or you can buy prepaid game cards at some stores. Another way you can access premium zones is by purchasing crowns. Getting a membership is probably the best way to go especially if you plan on playing a lot!

Wizard101 memberships can cost up to $80 per year so it's understandable why many players don't want to pay that much. If you're one of these players then you're in luck! There are legitimate ways you can get a 2014 Wizard101 membership for absolutely free. All it takes is about 30 minutes of your time!

When I first started playing Wizard101 I had a free account. It was fun for a while but then I realized that I really needed a membership in order to access all of the game. I did some looking around and I found a site that actually works for getting free Wizard101 prepaid game cards. The site is called FreeMembershipFor.com and they have free memberships for Wizard101 and lots of other games too!

Heres how Free Membership For works:

  • First you sign up for a free account at FreeMembershipFor.com. It is totally free, no credit card required!
  • Next, login to your account to see the available offers for your area. Some offers are available world wide but others only work in certain countries so be sure to check first.
  • Once you've looked through the list of offers, pick out one that looks fun to you! You can do surveys, watch videos, or even test new games to earn points!
  • After you've completed the offer, you'll get a certain number of points. Most offers give 50-100 points.
  • Use those points to get a free Wizard101 prepaid membership card.
Right now you can get a one month Wizard101 membership card for only 150 points! That's only like 2-3 offers!

After you use your points to get a Wizard101 membership, FreeMembershipFor will either email you the code or mail you the prepaid card in the mail, it's up to you! If you already play Wizard101, you know how much more stuff you can do with a membership! Access any zone, carry more items, have more friends, play new quests, and more. So what are you waiting for?! Start off your summer with a free Wizard101 membership!

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