October 22, 2004

Updated Links/Books Section

I've updated the Links and Books sections to be more relevant.

Be sure to check out MIT's Registry of Biological Parts. It's a great idea.

I've also linked the research site of Yiannis Kaznessis, my advisor. In addition to synthetic biology, my group also performs docking calculations for protein-protein pairs and protein-DNA pairs as well as bioinformatics techniques to analyze microarray data. One obstacle to designing synthetic bio systems is the lack of the necessary 'parts'. Part of our integrative approach is to use computational design of proteins/DNA sequences to predict which modifications should be made to provide the needed parts for a particular design.

My (soon to be) published papers are in the list of publications. The first one is available in PDF form and should be published soon (we've corrected the galleys already, but they've been dragging their feet on this 'special' issue of theirs. It's taken a year after acceptance for us to get back the galleys!).

Posted by sali0090 at October 22, 2004 8:03 PM