Oprah to blame for reality TV?

 Today, I read a very interesting feature by Wendy Kaminer in The Atlantic. The feature discusses that Oprah is one of the reasons why we have so many reality TV shows these days.
 The feature would be a good example of a entertainment piece, showing how a show like Oprah's could give us other media such as reality TV shows.
 Kaminer mentions that the recent White House party crashing episode and the fact that they were up for a reality TV show could be because of shows like Oprah's
 Kaminer explains that shows like Oprah's bring on people that have issues and make them public, so other will know their experience. However, because of the people who watched the guest felt bad for them, they as Kaminer put it "encouraged the practice of self-promotion."
  One example that Kaminer shows is that a girl comes onto Oprah and says that she is ugly. Oprah and the experts talk about her self-esteem and you can see the girl sit there love every single second that they are talking about her.
  The main point is that all of these shows bring in people with problems, and although they tell the whole world about their problem, most enjoy being in the spotlight.
   The story overall was good, but some of the language used was a little heavy. Also I did not think the story flowed as well as it should have.


Cooking for a Chef

  I read this cool feature by Ryan D' Agostino in the recent Esquire. The feature is based around D' Agostino's experience trying to cook dinner for famed chef Thomas Keller.
  The setting of the dinner is inside a small apartment with D' Agostino and his brother. In the beginning they are both rushing to finish the meal before Keller arrives to the apartment. At one point D' Agostino's brother Mike is only in his boxers cooking dinner, but he will not take a shower because he wants the kitchen to look perfect.
  We are taken through the feature into what the brothers felt as they tried to prepare a great meal for the "greatest chef in the world" according to D' Agostino. They are nervous what he will think as they have worked all day preparing this meal.
  Once Keller arrives, he makes it right to the kitchen to help out cooking the dinner. While in the kitchen Keller begins to teach the brothers the importance of cooking and why cooking is such a cool job to have.
   Although this is a story about cooking for the greatest chef, it is more about profiling what kind of man Keller is. The feature goes into detail on what Keller looks like, and how he asks around the kitchen when he is working, bringing the audience into the mind of a chef.
   The feature is very well written, and I enjoyed how the  author put the dialog between all of them into different paragraphs. Also i liked that D' Agostino used their abbreviations the second time he quoted them.

April Fools Joke Becomes Real

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  I came across this feature by Rob Walker on the New York Times website, and it caught 
my attention. The story is about a company that comes up with April Fools Day products to 
sell" on their website.

  The feature begins with a recap of some of the products that ThinkGeek's has produced in 
the  past on April Fools Day. Some examples are Squeez Bacon and Surgestix Inhalable 
Caffeine Stix.

  Walker says, although the costumers could not buy the products on April Fools Day, some 
have demanded that the products be made from what they saw on the site. The recent 
example of this was the demanded for the Tauntaun Sleeping Bag.

   This story is part of popular culture because many people like to do pranks on April Fools 
Day, and also that this product is from Star Wars, which is a very popular film. This feature 
fits in well with a consumer piece, giving the audience ideas on what to buy for the holiday 

 The bag is inspired by the movie "The Empire Strikes Back", when Han Solo saves Luke by
slicing into an animals body, and sticking Luke inside for warmth. The design of the bag 
represents this animal, to which Walker calls "Absurd..(but) also pretty much irresistible."
 The sleeping bag was one of the fake products put on the website, but after people 
demanded it, the company talked to LucasFilms about producing the product. LucasFilms 
agreed and now its selling on the website for $99. 

  Overall the feature was well written, but toward the end the quotes and the authors opinion 
becomes confusing. The author would use a quote and then say something inside of that 
quote using (this). 


Another Twin Wins the MVP

Minnesota Twins' catcher Joe Mauer was awarded the American League's Most Valuable player on Monday.

            Mauer missed the first month of the Major League Baseball season, but quickly got into the swing of things. Mauer led the league in hitting percentage, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage. Mauer also had career highs in home runs and runs batted in.

            The vote for Mauer becoming MVP was almost unanimous, as 27 out of the 28 members of the Baseball Writers' Association of America gave him first place votes. The one other first place vote went to Detroit Tigers' player Miguel Cabrera.

            Even though Mauer won the MVP, he still has something to work for. "World Series," Mauer said. "That's where I want to be." The Twins did make the playoffs this year, but were knocked out in the first round by the New York Yankees.

            The Twins are trying to lock up the MVP before he becomes a free agent next winter. His teammate Justin Morneau, the MVP in 2006, says they are tying to keep Mauer in Minnesota. "We're going to do everything we can to keep him here as a Minnesota Twin," Morneau said.  Twins' General Manager Bill Smith knows it will be tough. "That's one of our challenges," Smith said.

            Mauer becomes the fifth Minnesota Twin to win the award and also is the 2nd catcher to win the award in 33 years.

Patriots' Go For It, But It Costs Them

  The Patriots squared off with the undefeated Colts on Sunday night, but it was a decision by the Patriots' head coach late that led to a Colts win 35-34 in come back fashion.

            The Colts were facing their first loss of the season when the Patriots built a 17-point lead in the early stages of the fourth quarter. However, the Colts battled back with a couple quick touchdowns to cut the lead to three. The Patriots added a field goal to increase the lead to six.

            The Patriots had the ball with just over two minutes left in the game, and were facing a 4th down and two yards to go from their own 28-yard line. The Patriots called a timeout to discuss what to do on the next play, and the players were told they were going for it. The Patriots lined up and Patriots quarterback Tom Brady dropped back and threw a pass to wide receiver Kevin Faulk, who bobbled the football before securing it to his body. The referee decided that Faulk was bobbling the ball, so the mark of the spot was shorter than it would be if he did not bobble the football. The Patriots were short of the first down, the Colts took over on downs and marched down the field for the game winning touchdown.

            After the game Patriots' head coach Bill Belichick still thought the call was the right one to make. "We thought we could win on that play," Belichick said. And his players are agreeing with him. "Coach has a lot of confidence we can make a yard and a half to win the game," Brady said.

A Non-Call Becomes Costly

   The World Cup qualifier, in France on Wednesday night, became more about a non-call than about what happened in the game.

            France was playing Ireland for the right to go onto the World Cup, held in South Africa next summer. The game was tied in the overtime period 1-1. Then, french player Thierry Henry, used an obvious hand ball to set up the game winning kick by William Gallas.

            The referee missed the hand ball, and allowed the goal. The overtime period continued, but Ireland failed to score and lost the game. Not only did Ireland lose the game, but because of the loss they wont be going to South Africa this summer for the World Cup. With the french win, France advances to the World Cup.

            After the game, Henry responded to the questions about the hand ball. "I will be honest, it was a hand ball. But I'm not a ref," Henry said. Meanwhile, Ireland coach Giovanni Trapattoni thought the referee should have asked Henry. " I'm sure he would have admitted there was a hand ball."

            After the match, Ireland filed an official complaint to FIFA asking for a replay of the match. FIFA received the complaint but denied it, and with the ruling France is officially going to the World Cup next summer.

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