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A Non-Call Becomes Costly

   The World Cup qualifier, in France on Wednesday night, became more about a non-call than about what happened in the game.

            France was playing Ireland for the right to go onto the World Cup, held in South Africa next summer. The game was tied in the overtime period 1-1. Then, french player Thierry Henry, used an obvious hand ball to set up the game winning kick by William Gallas.

            The referee missed the hand ball, and allowed the goal. The overtime period continued, but Ireland failed to score and lost the game. Not only did Ireland lose the game, but because of the loss they wont be going to South Africa this summer for the World Cup. With the french win, France advances to the World Cup.

            After the game, Henry responded to the questions about the hand ball. "I will be honest, it was a hand ball. But I'm not a ref," Henry said. Meanwhile, Ireland coach Giovanni Trapattoni thought the referee should have asked Henry. " I'm sure he would have admitted there was a hand ball."

            After the match, Ireland filed an official complaint to FIFA asking for a replay of the match. FIFA received the complaint but denied it, and with the ruling France is officially going to the World Cup next summer.

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