Arenas Granted Fresh Start in Orlando

On Jan. 6 of last year, Gilbert Arenas was suspended for the remainder of the season, as result for bringing four fire-arms into the Verizon Centre.
According to Chris Broussard from ESPN, the Washington Wizards finally traded Arenas yesterday to the Orlando Magic, and have given him a second chance to play with a playoff contender.

"He's a good dude, despite everything that happened here," fourth-year Wizard point guard Nick Young told ESPN. To see him go back home to get a fresh start and be on a winning team, that's something hopefully he'll continue to do good.
Apart from his suspension, Arenas was sentenced by a District of Columbia judge to two weeks in halfway house, and faced major criticism from the public about being let off too easy, according to ESPN.
"I was really scared of getting booed," Arenas told Sports Illustrated. "I used to be like, man, it's just boos. Now here I was six years later, I was scared to go out there."

So far this season Arenas has averaged 17.2 points per game, but was struck on last place team in rebuilding mode, according to ESPN.
Furthermore it will be interesting to see whether a change of scenery will bring a much needed change in the attitude of Gilbert Arenas, and allow him to presumably reclaim the status he once had as an all-star.

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