Basket Ball Player Slams Referee

An 18-year-old senior from DeSoto High School could face felony assault charges for tackling a referee during a video-taped game this week in Florida.
Anthony Cormier from the Sarasota Herald Tribune reports: just seconds after the whistle of referee Jim Hamm had sounded, Mason Holland aggressively lunged forward and pounced onto him.

"That's not me, it was a spur-of-the-moment thing," Holland told the Sarasota Herald Tribune. "I pray that I get a second chance and my whole life isn't ruined by this."
Attacking a referee is considered a felony in Florida, because of a law passed in the state more than a decade ago, according to Sarasota Herald Tribune.
This incident seems to be really similar to one committed by Delmon Young while he was in the minor's, because both had lost complete control of their emotions towards a referee during an athletic event.
Unlike Young, before the incident Holland was only viewed by scouts as a fringe division one college player. Since he was not viewed to be nearly as talented, he probably will not receive a second chance, and find another opportunity to play competitive basketball.
"That type of evidence in any case is hard to ignore," Cliff Ramey, an assistant state attorney told the Sarasota Herald Tribune. In his statement Ramsey referred to the video tape and how it usually plays the most important role in their decision to pursue criminal charges for cases similar to this one.
Furthermore this example demonstrates how one spur-of-the-moment decision could have an ever-lasting impact on a young mans future.

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