Campaign Volunteer Admits to Misrepresentation as a Journalist

Two weeks ago, documents surfaced about Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel's law suit against Nathan Black, a volunteer for his opponents' campaign this past election.

According to a report from CBC News, a blog posting on October 8 accused Mandel of having a conflict of interest in regards to City Centre Airport.

Black was a volunteer for Mandel's mayoral opponent David Dorward and he admitted to posing as a fictional journalist from Seattle while he placed phone calls to city councilors Amerjeet Sohi and Sid Hanson, according to CBC News.

Black told CBC News that he set up a phone number with a Seattle area code though Magic Jack, to contact Sohi and Hanson. But he denied posting the blog.

Furthermore, the main ethical concern that surrounds this situation focuses on the misrepresentation of ones identity. This example fits with Journalism, because Black was guilty of posing as a Journalist, and the offense itself is one that commonly committed by Journalists posing as other officials to produce juicy quotes.

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