Mayweather Jr. Faces Major Fight Outside the Ropes

Although he is currently one of the largest earning athletes in the world, it seems that Floyd Mayweather Jr. has had a tough time controlling his temper outside the ropes.
According to ESPN: Mayweather is now part of new investigation; an allegation of misdemeanor battery that stems from a Nov.15 confrontation over parking tickets.

Las Vegas police allege that Mayweather blocked the guard, Shayne Smith, from leaving the cul-de-sac of his home, and repeatedly jabbed his finger into Smith's cheek, according to ESPN.
The trial for this case is expected to begin on Feb. 2. In addition, Mayweather also has to appear in court on Jan. 24, for a more serious trial, which is pending unrelated felony coercion, grand larceny and robbery charges, according ESPN.
The case surrounding Mayweather's trial date on Jan. 24 comes from a September dispute with his children and their mother, Josie Harris, at her house, according to ESPN.
Meanwhile inside the realm of boxing, Mayweather has been criticized heavily for not agreeing to put his undefeated mark on line, and fight Manny Pacquiao.
Furthermore the 33-year-old boxer known for his extreme arrogance and "making it rain," needs to consider whether it is more important to establish his legacy as felon by fighting outside the ring, or as a legend inside the ring by beating Pacquiao.

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