Rival Split Announced within Wiki Leaks

Today in London a split within the Wiki Leaks media clearinghouse was announced, as Openleaks.org will be launched tomorrow as the websites rival.
According to CNN's Per Nyberg, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, one of the new founders of Openlinks.org, was dissatisfied in how Wiki Leaks had become too focused on the interests of Julian Assange.
Openleaks says its goal is to help people deliver material without a political agenda to news outlets and other organizations without being identified, according to CNN.
Domscheit-Berg told CNN, "If you preach transparency to everyone else, you have to be transparent yourself."

The main reason why I think Openleaks, split from Wiki Leaks, is because after Assange surfaced to the center of international media attention these past weeks, he had developed a political agenda. This had caused a lot of the information released on site to be seen as a conflict of Interest.
Furthermore, unlike Wiki Leaks, I think that Openleaks will operate as media clearing house with better ethical standards, because the information here is supposed to be released without a political bias.

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