Three Indonesian Writer's Guilty of Obtaining Shares

A judge found three journalists guilty of misusing their professional status's to illegally obtain shares in a national Indonesian steel company.
According to a report published 11 days ago by Channel Six News-New York, while covering the Indonesian Stock Exchange, the three journalists had decided to participate in the initial public offering to receive company shares from PT Krakatau Steel Company.

Indonesia Press Council Chairman Bagir Manan, told Channel Six News during a news conference, "Their actions could create conflicts of interest because, as journalists covering the Indonesian Stock Exchange, they attempted to engage in stock trading for their own personal benefit."

The three journalists were affiliated with Seputar Indoesia and, were then forced to resign from their respective organizations, according to a report.

Furthermore the major ethical concern behind this situation revolved around journalists creating conflicts of interest, by attempting to take stake in an organization that was directly affiliated with the beat that they were covering.

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