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Campaign Volunteer Admits to Misrepresentation as a Journalist

Two weeks ago, documents surfaced about Edmonton Mayor Stephen Mandel's law suit against Nathan Black, a volunteer for his opponents' campaign this past election.

According to a report from CBC News, a blog posting on October 8 accused Mandel of having a conflict of interest in regards to City Centre Airport.

Black was a volunteer for Mandel's mayoral opponent David Dorward and he admitted to posing as a fictional journalist from Seattle while he placed phone calls to city councilors Amerjeet Sohi and Sid Hanson, according to CBC News.

Black told CBC News that he set up a phone number with a Seattle area code though Magic Jack, to contact Sohi and Hanson. But he denied posting the blog.

Furthermore, the main ethical concern that surrounds this situation focuses on the misrepresentation of ones identity. This example fits with Journalism, because Black was guilty of posing as a Journalist, and the offense itself is one that commonly committed by Journalists posing as other officials to produce juicy quotes.

Three Indonesian Writer's Guilty of Obtaining Shares

A judge found three journalists guilty of misusing their professional status's to illegally obtain shares in a national Indonesian steel company.
According to a report published 11 days ago by Channel Six News-New York, while covering the Indonesian Stock Exchange, the three journalists had decided to participate in the initial public offering to receive company shares from PT Krakatau Steel Company.

Indonesia Press Council Chairman Bagir Manan, told Channel Six News during a news conference, "Their actions could create conflicts of interest because, as journalists covering the Indonesian Stock Exchange, they attempted to engage in stock trading for their own personal benefit."

The three journalists were affiliated with Seputar Indoesia and, were then forced to resign from their respective organizations, according to a report.

Furthermore the major ethical concern behind this situation revolved around journalists creating conflicts of interest, by attempting to take stake in an organization that was directly affiliated with the beat that they were covering.

Ethics Questioned in Radia Tapes

Last month two magazines decided to publish detailed transcripts from taped conversations between a PR consultant Niira Radia, and Barkha Dutt, Anchor, NDTV, and other journalists, on the formation of the UPA-II government.

According to Lydia Polgreen of the New York Times, New Delhi Television Anchor Barkha Dutt, was one of the several journalists caught on tapes taking to a lobbyist, which were leaked to the media, and published three and half weeks ago. She was then accused of cuddling up to the lobbyist, because she had allegedly agreed to pass messages to the Government.

Through the conversations with Dutt, Radia had the intent of trying to persuade the Indain government to reappoint Andimuthu Raja, a politician caught in the middle of a current telecommunications scandal, according to Polgreen.

Dutt told the New York Times that she was stringing along a news source who had access to information on a fast-moving story, and that in any case she never passed on the messages.

Furthermore, the overall ethical concerns surrounding the Dutt and Radia tapes are, does attaining information from a source in exchange for allegedly satisfying the purpose of the source, go across ethical lines as a conflict of interest.

In addition, another ethical concern revolves around the two magazines decisions to published excerpts of the leaked tapes, and whether publishing were example of infringement upon the privacy of the involved parties.

Two Presidents Claim the Oath of Office in the Ivory Coast

Less than two hours after the incumbent President Laurent Gbagbo claimed the oath of office inside the presidential place, his rival candidate Alassane Ouattara had also taken the oath of office and asked Prime Minister Soro Guillaume to form a new government.
According to a broadcast from CNN News, former South African President Thabo Mbeki arrived in Ivory Coast today, in an effort to sort out the political mayhem, and help prevent another civil war from breaking out in the country.

The political crisis began Friday, when the Constitutional Council declared Gbagbo the winner with 51.45% of the vote, which contradicted the earlier results from the Independent Electoral Commission that had declared Ouattara the victor with 54.1% of the vote.
Ouattara is receiving his most popular support in the rebel-held north, while Gbagbo remains strong in the South. Furthermore with two leader's assuming controls in separate regions of the country, the fear is that the two groups will use violence to sort out the dispute.
According to Northern Michigan's 9&10 News , the goal of the recent election was to finally restore the stability in the country after their last civil war in 2002.

In conclusion both of the broadcasts demonstrated that the recent election in the Ivory Coast, lacked significant constitutional constraint, and as a result the country is now on the brink of having its second civil war in the last ten years.

Nuclear Power in the Wrong Hands?

A recently gutted aging fuel fabrication center in North Korea,has been transformed into an uranium drilling facility, filled with hundreds of centrifuges.

David Sanger of the New York Times reports: North Korea unveiled to American Nuclear scientist a brand new facility they secretly built to enrich uranium, which confronts the Obama administration with the notion that the country is preparing to expand its nuclear technology.

"They claimed 2,000 centrifuges were already installed and running," Siegfried S. Hecker, the Stanford professor said to the New York Times . " Stunningly the centrifuges were operated from an ultra-modern control room."

In addition the Scientist's, spotted a light-water reactor being built on the site of a facility the country had earlier dismantled, as part of an agreement with the international community to end its nuclear weapons program, Sanger went on to say.

This piece of evidence is so frighting, because nobody knows what type of carnage, the regime of North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-il, is capable of. Although claim that the operation in is part of creating alternative fuels, since they have all-ready tested two nuclear missiles in the past two years, I believe its part of their plan to become an elite militaristic power in the world.

Since the historical focus of communist regimes have been to become strongest militaristic power in the World, if North Korea has indeed gain nuclear power, a possible World War three could occur in the future. It's quite scary to imagine the possible devastation a nuclear war would have on the future landscape of the world.

Several Iraquis claim Mistreatment from the Bristish Military

November 8, 2010 10:33 a.m. EST
At least 115 Iraqis have claimed that they suffered abuse from British troops, and are filing lawsuit against the British government this week.
CNN's Richard Allen Greene reported: At least 125 Iraqis claim mistreatment such as sleep deprivation, hooding, being forced to stand or kneel in stress positions, or being exposed to "loud pornography.
Phil Shriner, the lawyer for the Iraqis told CNN,"Allegations indicate systematic abuse of detainees which reflect policies of the Armed Forces or at least tolerated and widespread practices, Phil Shriner, the lawyer for the Iraqis said.
Defence Minister Liam Fox, told CNN he is "very concerned" by allegations of abuse and is determined to "get to the bottom" of all such allegations.
Aljazeera reported, A group of 142 Iraqi civilians pushed for the public inquiry into the treatment of detainees. Also one claim of mistreatment involved a 16-year-old boy, who said he was raped by two British soldiers while in custody in 2003.
The article from Aljazeera included graphic examples of mistreatment and the article from CNN, summarized the mistreatment in general terms

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