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Fisherman Dead after Plummet through Thin Ice

An 81 year-old-fisherman is dead, after he plummeted into 12 foot deep section of Lake Washington, Friday.
According to KSTP-TV, Edwin Senska of Le Sueur County had brought his four-wheeler out on the lake in an attempt to go fishing, but thin ice caused him to fall right through.

The Le Sueur Country Sheriff department told KSTP-TV, Rescuers tried to revive him after he was pulled from the frigid ice, but he was pronounced dead immediately upon arrival at the Rochester Hospital.
KSTP-TV reports: the DNR says that the ice was only about three to four inches thick, so they advise one call a local bait shop or resort to check on the thickness of the ice, before deciding to travel on any particular lake this soon in the season.
KTTC News reports that rescuers were brought to the scene from a 911 call, which was placed by a neighbor that spotted unattended four-wheeler next to a large hole. The man was pulled out approximately 20 minutes later by a member from the Madison Lake Dive Team.

The story from KTTC News mainly focused on the specifics of the failed rescue attempt to save the man, whereas the story from KSTP-TV focused on how one can prevent this type of accident form occurring to them in the future.

A Woman Attacked by Road Raged Man

Authorities are searching for a man that struck a woman during a road rage confrontation Wednesday.
According to a broadcast from Kare-11 TV, police say that the man stopped his vehicle and attacked a 56-year-old woman shortly after she had honked when he cut in front of her by Maryland Avenue in St. Paul.
St. Paul Police Spokesman Andy Skoogman told Kare-11 TV, shortly after stopping; the man exited his Honda civic, reached into the woman's window and choked her with both hands before punching her in the cheek.

Skoogman told the Pioneer Press, that as the woman tried to open her door, the man jammed it against her leg, and then fled before authorities reached the scene.

The print story from the Pioneer Press revealed a lot more specifics about the unusual incident, whereas the broadcast from Kare-11 TV focused more on presenting details about the wanted suspect

Icy Rain Creates Major Slippage

An Icy rain the early morning Sunday, turned Twin City area roads into skating rinks, as one person died and several more were injured, after a rapid accumulation of crashes.

According to a staff writer from Kare-11 TV: the Minnesota State Patrol says 44-year-old Kimberly Mead died in a crash on Highway 22 south of Litchfield when the car she was riding in driven by Ronda L. Malvin, 43, lost control on the ice and slid sideways into oncoming traffic where it was struck by another car.

Lt. Eric Roeske of the Minnesota State Patrol said, to Kare -11 TV, as of 8 a.m. Sunday, 373 accidents were reported in the metro and they involved more than 60 injuries.

This demonstrated that Minnesotans fail to realize the danger's of winter driving on a yearly basis. Despite many being veteran's of winter driving, they do not understand the need to slow during slippery conditions

However not only the operators of vehicles were injured during the ice storm, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.Between 7:30 p.m. Saturday and 1:30 p.m. Sunday, 42 pedestrian arrived at the Hennepin County Medical Center emergency room with slip-and-fall injuries, William Larson, the hospital's clinical care supervisor said.

Furthermore when it is icy in Minnesota, if one doesn't stay inside they put themselves at a huge risk for slippage no matter their mode of transportation.

Sloppy Snow Equals Jammed Impound Lots

Hundreds of car's cluttered the spaces of Twin City area impound lots this weekend, after many residents failed to cooperate, with snow the emergency alerts posted on Saturday.
According to the Star Tribune's BIll McAuliffe, only about 5 percent of snow emergency violators actually get towed for their first offense, however certain neighborhoods such as Dinkytown, and Uptown, aggressively enforce zero tolerance towing policies.
Ismail Noor, who lives on Park Avenue, told the Star Tribune that the absence of a phone call caused his vehicle to get towed from the same spot for third time in the last three years.

According KSTP TV's Josh Simeone, St. Paul city officials reported that they towed nearly 600 cars, and issued out more than 2,700 tickets over the weekend. In addition, Minneapolis city officials, reported that more than one thousand cars were towed in their city.

The main difference between the two articles was that the angle of the story from KSTP TV, focused on the total amount of car towed in Minneapolis, and ST.Paul. On the other hand, the the angle of the story from the Star Tribune Also the story from KSTP TV reported that more cars were towed in the Twin Cities than one from the Star Tribune did.

Two Robbers Carjack an Anoka Bank Teller

Early Friday Morning two armed robbers wearing black masks, hopped into the car of a young Anoka bank teller, drove her to an Anoka branch of U.S Bank, and made her open the bank's vault
John Brewer of the Pioneer Press reports:the strong-arm abduction and robbery could be an escalation in a series of early-morning bank heists by the two robbers this year across the Twin Cities.
Anoka Police Chief Phil Johanson told the Pioneer Press, that the men involved in Friday's robbery appeared to have watched the teller's residence and the bank ahead of the crime.
The FBI said the two men are also believed to be responsible for robbing the Wells Fargo Bank in Champlin on the morning of Aug. 4 and a U.S. Bank in Plymouth early Sept. 13.
5 Eye Witness news reports: that the FBI said, In the Plymouth incident, the two men also allegedly wore masks, and used a semi-automatic handgun and a knife to force employees into the vault just as the bank was opening.

The main difference between the two stories is that the Pioneer Press story went gave far more specific details on the recent robbery, and the 5 Eyewitness news gave more basic details on the recent robbery, but went more into depth on linking this one to the previous two.

Emmer Plans on Continuing Re-Count

Although Republican Tom Emmer still trails Democrat Mark Dayton by 8,750 votes in Minnesota Governors race, he still wants to go through with the recount, Emmer's attorney said Monday.
Kare-11 News reports: Unless Dayton's lead grows to over a half of one percentage point -- roughly 10,500 votes -- the re-count will proceed at public expense. Also schedule calls for the re-count of 2.1 million ballots to conclude by mid-December, however if further lawsuits are needed to decide the race, Tim Pawlenty could remain in office longer than the expiration date of his term.
The Star Tribune reports: that the statement from Emmer's attorney came after Hennepin County certified its vote total Monday, which accounts for 1/5 of the States total votes.
The two stories were really similar in content, the Kare-11 story was longer because it talked about a meeting conducted Monday, between Emmer and Pawlenty, where Ben Golnik was named the Republican strategist that will head the re-count.

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