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Next Year's Michael Vick?

On September 23, 2009, Plaxico Burress was sentenced to two years in prison, for violating New York's strict gun procession laws.
According to ESPN reporter Sal Paolantonio, Burress is currently at the15 month mark in his sentence, and could possible be released as early as next spring.

"When I get out, I'll be 33, not 43," Burress told ESPN, before he started to serve his sentence last fall. I'll still have the God-given ability to snag footballs; that's what I love to do, and of course, I want to play again."
His story is very similar to the one of Michael Vicks; however one could argue that Burress's sentence of two year was a bit long, for shooting only himself in the leg.
After considering the gracious response Vick has had form public since returning to the limelight in Philadelphia, one could expect Burress could have even easier road to redemption.
Furthermore as long as Burress has continued to stay in prime shape during prison, one could expect Burress to have a starting job next season. In the eyes of the public, if athlete is able to win and return back to level that he once was, a second chance is almost always granted.

Rival Split Announced within Wiki Leaks

Today in London a split within the Wiki Leaks media clearinghouse was announced, as will be launched tomorrow as the websites rival.
According to CNN's Per Nyberg, Daniel Domscheit-Berg, one of the new founders of, was dissatisfied in how Wiki Leaks had become too focused on the interests of Julian Assange.
Openleaks says its goal is to help people deliver material without a political agenda to news outlets and other organizations without being identified, according to CNN.
Domscheit-Berg told CNN, "If you preach transparency to everyone else, you have to be transparent yourself."

The main reason why I think Openleaks, split from Wiki Leaks, is because after Assange surfaced to the center of international media attention these past weeks, he had developed a political agenda. This had caused a lot of the information released on site to be seen as a conflict of Interest.
Furthermore, unlike Wiki Leaks, I think that Openleaks will operate as media clearing house with better ethical standards, because the information here is supposed to be released without a political bias.

Recently Declared Eligible Newton Rolls into Title Game

Less than a week after the NCAA declared the status of Auburn Quarterback Cam Newton ineligible and then eligible, his record performance in SEC Championship game locked the Tigers slot in the BCS Championship game.
According to a video broadcast from the Associated Press, the NCAA's investigation on whether his father Cecil Newton's alleged decision to accept two hundred thousand dollars from Auburn boosters should affect his eligibility has been halted temporarily, but will reopen after conclusion of the season.

Since Newton is also the clear-cut favorite to win the Heisman trophy, this situation has drawn critical comparisons to the Reggie Bush investigation that concluded earlier this year. In that situation the NCAA later ruled Bush ineligible for his family accepting financial funding from agents, and as a result both Bush's Heisman and USC's wins were vacated.
According to Chris Dufresne of Los Angeles Times, the NCAA wants the public to believe Cecil Newton was refused after he asked Mississippi State for more than $180,000 for his son's services and then his son ended up at Auburn in exchange for nothing other than a free education.

I think that the NCAA deliberately ruled Newton eligible for yesterday game and the BSC Championship game, because they need the excitement that he creates to boost the ratings for the games.
If Cam Newton sits out, the national title game would a complete blowout, so to prevent that from happening, the NCAA decided to temporarily close the investigation. Furthermore through that process, Newton can help the NCAA sell the game now, but they can still decide vacant the records later, if more information leaks out about the case.

Childress' Job Safe At least Another Week

Despite trailing 24-10 with less than four minutes to go, the Vikings scored 14 points in the remaining time of regulation, and then were victorious 27-24 in overtime after a 35-yard field goal from Ryan Longwell.
Espn's Kevin Seifert reports: I'm not sure if Childress' job was resting on the outcome of this game, but if it were, you would assume there will be no coaching change this week.
Unlike Seifert, I don't believe Childress' was relying on the outcome of the game, because presumably the Vikings are eliminated from playoff contention if they lose another two games. With a loss they would have fallen to 2-6 yesterday, but since the Vikings have only eight games left no coaching change probably would have come until the end of the season anyway.
It makes no sense to promote an intern coach since they just extended Childress' contract at the end of last season. Why would Zyge Wilf pay two guys head coach money for a football team, that is not making playoffs? Also promoting an intern coach means that a team still keeps the internal problem, which is almost always runs through the entire coaching staff.
Firing a a head coach midway through the season has no value, because the season is already lost before the change is made anyway. Look at the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones fired Wade Phillips Monday after the Cowboys fell 1-7 yesterday.
NFL News reports Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said that team's move to replace Phillips is not an admission of defeat, something he stressed to players as "creating a new culture" during a brief meeting Monday morning. a b
Of course the decision to fire him was a given, but what value does the Cowboys get of promoting the Offensive Coordinator Jason Garret midway through the season. The Dallas Cowboy have struggled mainly do to a total lack of accountably, apparently Jason Garret has not been able to hold players as offensive coordinator, how will he be able to do so, as head coach.

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