May 16, 2005

Another wet n cold day!

So... Friday this past week was uneventful accept one of our enthusiatic cricketers might have hurt himself slipping over those awful granite benches by Northrop.The weather played folly again, the number of people who show up for a game is directy proportional to the temperature.However, cricket zealots like myself and couple others do show up all the same and battle dreary winds and rain.
Well , like I said ther were just a couple of us this last week and came guy who was curious about what we were up to. We offered him the bat and in true all American style , he held it like a baseball bat and I thought, well this guys not going to connect with the ball. Low and behold not only this guy connect but he hit the ball to all parts of Northrup and I was amazed by the amount of power he put behind each shot.
I hope we get to see more of him in the future..hope fully this Friday. He did tell me that he will join us next Friday...Well there are so many guys-bystanders who try there hand at cricket, who say they will join us but we have not had much luck with these bystanders showin up. Well, the weather has something to do withn it...may the rain gods not bless us please!
Anyways there has been more talk about intramural cricket and I am really excited about ithe prospects. I hope there are others who feel the same way. We will see how it goes....On another note....I tried making a tape ball this week with some duct tape . I must mention , I had never done something like that and I dont think I should ever do it again...When I was kid we played with something called Rubber balls and all this art of tape ball making is alien to me. Hopefully someone knows to do that well..may be I will learn...just may be...anyways thats a self critique for change.
Have great week..see you guys on hopefully on a bright and sunny Friday.

..have great week folks.

Posted by sama0038 at May 16, 2005 12:24 PM