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End of Extension 2.0

I'm sad to see the end of Extension 2.0- it was my favorite way to begin the week with a fresh, new (or not so-new) tool. I have really enjoyed having a chance to learn more about certain tools and to think about ways that they can be applied to my work. My favorite week was probably on the productivity tools, as they were things that I never had used in my work. I've passed the information along to others both inside and outside of Extension.

On the personal front, RSS has changed my world! I love subscribing to my friend's blogs and some "mommy" websites and only having to go to one spot to check everything out. It's a great way to start my day!

I hope that we continue to offer these types of training in the future. If we are to stay competitive in the computer age, we can't afford to not know about these tools. Thanks Amy for imparting your wisdom!!!