Prompt #1: Introductions


Hey guys! My name is Avita Samuels. While the first thing I usually share with people about myself is my love of politics, I'll try and spare everybody from any further political discussions (though my clip is from a political satire) since elections are over, for now. Instead I will talk about my recent trip to Morocco.
My mom took me to Morocco for both her birthday and mine, and we were there for 3 weeks. I have toured parts of the Middle East and Northern Africa before, but this was absolutely incredible. While there I got to hike in the High Atlas mountains surrounding the Todra Gorge, go dune buggying over sand dunes, explore some of the world's oldest medinas, and barter for rugs in the souks. My friends sometimes say that I'm bragging about having been able to go, but really I find traveling to parts of the world which are so intensely different to be the most inspiring and worthwhile thing anybody can do.
It is for this reason that I was drawn to media productions. I know absolutely nothing about communications, but am very interested in just how biases and self-interested opinions in the media have such an impact on how society thinks. Part of that understanding I believe must come from knowing how the production process works as well.
For my clip, I am going to share a scene from the 90's political satire movie "Bulworth". In this part of the film, the main character who is running for Senate snaps (and begins rapping) at a max-donor fundraiser. I like this scene because I cannot imagine what would happen if current leaders became truly and brutally honest, but we can always hope right?!


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