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In the film we watched in class, religion was a big part of the sexual discussion. The movie showed how Christians plays a big role of people opinion about when to have sex, and when not to have sex. It was interesting how strong believer in Christ were those that were most in deep about not having sex before marriage. In the Film when the poster was talking about sex, he told it to be a sin, and if you even think about it you are sinning against God. What they fail to realize is despite of what they say, there will always be someone who will go ahead and have sex. What I think is that the education system should educate students about sex, not only to stay abstinence, but if they decide they cannot wait they should be able to protect themselves. Which in my opinion is the best way to protect young children from getting pregnant or getting STD.?

Diablog 8 Initial Summary

Jessica Fields interview school board members, teachers, and administrators about sexual education in the south. There were a lot of arguments between abstinence-only and abstinence-plus. However the main point everybody seemed to agree on was that their children's innocence has to be kept save. While reading this article, I found out that the majority of students in the school were black; however those arguing about the topic were white people, therefore they focused on primary whit students. Field showed that the debate fails to acknowledge the fact that the school board should be concerned about the majority of the school, which were black students. The black students in the community were the ones who most experienced the issue. They didn't realize that "girls of color and poor girls are less able than racially and economically privileged girls to avoid unwanted pregnancies or to make them go away through abortion, discreet adoption, better contraception, or more sexual agency." (Fields 568). African American student do not have the advantage that White Americans does, when it comes to education. The argument was a biased one, in the sense that because the teacher, administrators and activist were white, they only focused on what benefit the white students in the school. Therefore, Field argued that because the main problems were not being address in the society issue being presented cannot be solved.

My question are:
Who gets to decide when to have sex and when not to?
Is abstinence the right way to go, when trying to protect children?

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