Sixonetwo and I ♥ MPLS

Have you seen the I ♥ MPLS shirts around? If your anything like me you may have been wondering where these underground shirts come from. Adentheos is the brand that is making it trendy to show your love for the city and the tee's can now be purchased in stores and online. I also found it really clever that their line of sixonetwo shirts also come in Norwegian, Swedish, and Spanish, so many of us Minnesotan's can show pride for our heritage and our city at the same time. I know I want one!

Here's a sample media pitch for them for Metro Magazine:


Subject: Minneapolis brothers start their own trend

Dear Chris-

Twin brothers born and raised in Minneapolis have been wearing their heart on their tee, literally. Aron and Daniel Lipkin started their own company some years back selling the trendy shirts that read: I ♥ MPLS. This line has since expanded to include Sixonetwo and their St. Paul line as well. It started just as a small production for the boys, selling some shirts to family and friends but quickly caught the eye of many hipsters through out the city and has now become a business for them.

The name ADentheos is their two first initials with the word entheos- meaning spirit within. How fitting for their brand of clothing that shows your support for the cities and hometown pride. To become part the trend visit them at:

Thanks for your time.

Betsy Sandberg