Dead Nazi

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Accused Nazi war criminal John Demjanjuk died on the 17th of March at the age of 91.
Demjanjuk had been fighting a long legal battle against people who thought he was the war criminal dubbed "Ivan the Terrible"
"Ivan the Terrible" was a sadistic sentry who ran the gas chambers at the Treblinka extermination camp and is responsible for the deaths of thousands.
According to the Los Angeles Times , Demjanjuk was found guilty and sentenced to death in April 1988. But five years later, the Israeli Supreme Court overturned the verdict on appeal, declaring that new evidence threw sufficient doubt on whether Demjanjuk was, in fact, Ivan the Terrible.
Demjanjuk was a farmer from the Soviet Union when he entered the war. He was taken as a POW in 1942 and floated around until the end of the war until meeting his wife and moving to the United States, ending up working at a Ford Plant.
According to the New York Daily News, That idyll ended in 1977, when the Justice Department alleged that he had hid his past as the feared Treblinka death camp guard "Ivan the Terrible" and revoked his citizenship. The Israeli Supreme Court returned him to the U.S. after it received evidence that another Ukrainian, not Demjanjuk, was Ivan the Terrible.

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