Kaler Gives State of the University Address

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University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler gave his first State of the University address on the third of March.
"The fantasy that the University could somehow advance its mission and hold the line on tuition as state support dwindles is just that, a fantasy," Kaler said, according to the Minnesota Daily.
Kaler gave an outline of the budget for the coming year, one big change being a 2.5% increase in pay for all University employees, this coming after a three years of nothing.
According to The Daily, Kaler is stressing the importance of efficiency at the U.
"We have to do this because we need to eliminate ESP in our organization. ESP stands for Extremely Stupid Procedures," Kaler said.
As reported in the StarTribune, Kaler will spend a lot of his time cutting what he considers to be unnecessary for the U, which could mean some institutions being cut completely.
The biggest problem facing the U is the steady decrease of state funds. The largest of which, 15% came last summer.

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