Mark Dayton Talks About Money

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Governor Mark Dayton called out too the Minnesota GOP, urging them to cooperate with his ideas for the Minnesota budget.
Dayton stressed the importance of creating new jobs in the state through various project during his speech. Some of which include the building of the new Viking's stadium, a new public works bill, and a new tax credit, reports MPR.
Dayton also said that while Minnesota is doing alright in this economic climate, they still need to be watchful and make sure the future of the state is just as secure.
"I often wonder how our children and grandchildren will judge our stewardship," Dayton said. "Will they thank us for leaving our state, nation and world in better condition than when we inherited it? Or will they ask, "How could you have left us with such a mess?", according to MPR.
According to the Minnesota Daily, Dayton also stressed the importance of funding Minnesota Colleges, this coming after a 15% drop in state funding to the U of M.
"Our postsecondary students need more than degree," said Dayton. "They need the world's best education so they can thrive in that world. And Minnesota will not thrive unless they do.
Republican felt that Dayton's speech went very well and was a nice compromise.

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