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Gopher linebacker and U of M senior Gary Tinsley was found dead in his apartment on Friday.

According to the Minnesota Daily, members of the Gopher football program and other U of M students held a candlelight vigil for Tinlsley. 2011 University graduate Mejoy Lawson said, "To hear the memory, that's how it should be: celebrate his life, versus anything else that we might see in the papers about him."

It also reports that, "the gathering began with a moment of silence. The crowd held lit candles and spanned across the lawn in front of the residence hall. Speakers mentioned Tinsley's sense of humor, family priorities and religious values."

According to theUSA Today, Tinsley had a history with the police that included a brawl, fleeing police, and operating a motorized scooter under the influence. They also report though that he had matured in his Junior and Senior year.

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