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Boy Identified

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Authorities announced that the body of a boy killed while dirt-biking has been identified.

WCCO reports that the boy is Nicholas Engler, the 9-year-old son of the Oak Grove Assistant Fire Chief.

"Every safety precaution was taken. The boy was wearing a helmet, chest guard, he was also wearing boots, gloves, and he was an avid motocross biker. Certainly the father and family knew inherent risks and protected their family the best they could, with the protection equipment they used that day," said Lt. Lenzmeier. "I have an 8-year-old, 11-and 12-year-old, and I cannot comprehend the pain that is going through the family."

Kare 11 reports that, so far, the official cause of death has not been identified.

Red Bulls come Home

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The Minnesota National Guard "Red Bulls" are coming home today after a long deployment.

CBS Minnesota reports that the Red Bulls will be arriving all over the state, starting April 17th. "It was great to be there at the end of the war, to see everything shut down with such efficiency," said Lt. Seth Miletich. "Pretty long war."

It is unanimous that all of the "Red Bulls" are ready to get home.

Fox 9 reports that the public will be invited to greet the "Red Bulls" home. The troops have been gone for a week.


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"Occupy Minnesota" protestors took to the streets on Saturday night, starting at Peavy Plaza and then moving to Loring Park.

It was a cold April night and according to the StarTribune, about 15 occupy protestors were arrested during the move from Peavy Plaza to Loring Park. They were arrested for blocking traffic and refusing to disperse.

"Who is scared? Never scared. Occupy everywhere," was the chant of the protests on Saturday.

According to the Pioneer Press, the police shoved a KSTP cameraman, breaking his camera and giving him a case of whiplash.
As of Sunday night, all of the Occupy protestors have been released from police custody.


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Gopher linebacker and U of M senior Gary Tinsley was found dead in his apartment on Friday.

According to the Minnesota Daily, members of the Gopher football program and other U of M students held a candlelight vigil for Tinlsley. 2011 University graduate Mejoy Lawson said, "To hear the memory, that's how it should be: celebrate his life, versus anything else that we might see in the papers about him."

It also reports that, "the gathering began with a moment of silence. The crowd held lit candles and spanned across the lawn in front of the residence hall. Speakers mentioned Tinsley's sense of humor, family priorities and religious values."

According to theUSA Today, Tinsley had a history with the police that included a brawl, fleeing police, and operating a motorized scooter under the influence. They also report though that he had matured in his Junior and Senior year.

Wild Win

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The Minnesota Wild won 5-4 against the Chicago Blackhawks on Sunday in a shoot out.

According to the Pioneer Press, this was the third straight victory for the Wild, and the third win which came after regulation. They previously beat the Los Angeles Kings 4-3 on Saturday at the Xcel Center.

The Pioneer Press also reports that the Wild led 2-1 after the opening period with goals by Devin Setoguchi and Danny Heatley on a power play.

The StarTribune says that this is the first time the Wild have won three in a row since winning seven in a row from Nov. 28 to Dec. 10.

The Wild play the Nashville Predators on Tuesday.

Gophers Lose NIT

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The Gophers lost the NIT championship 75-51 on Thursday to Stanford at Madison Square Garden.

According to the Minnesota Daily, part of the problem was the Gophers having 22 turnovers, with 13 of those coming in the second half.

They also report that the star for the Gophers was Rodney Williams, he scored 12 of the team's 51 points. That being said he also was in foul trouble for the duration of the game.

According to Fox Sports, the Gophers shot just 37.3 percent and made only three of 13 three point shots.

The Gophers have won two previous NIT championships, one in 1998 and one in 1993. The 1998 title was "vacated" because of academic fraud.

Music Man Dies at 64

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Wayne Raske played a lot of instruments. From the guitar, to the fiddle to the dulcimer, this man could play them all. He was a constant influence and member of the Minnesota music scene.
According to the Startribune, Raske worked at the Minnesota Department of Human Services for 28 years, first as a chemical dependency counselor, then as a program planner. He secured federal grants for several Indian reservations seeking detox and treatment programs and earned a reputation as a "great friend" to the tribes, friends said.
Raske also had other passions such as the outdoors and riding his motorcycle. He was loved by many and generally known a good and loving man.
Also reported in the Startribune, he is survived by his wife, Victoria, and four other children and 10 grandchildren.

Mark Dayton Talks About Money

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Governor Mark Dayton called out too the Minnesota GOP, urging them to cooperate with his ideas for the Minnesota budget.
Dayton stressed the importance of creating new jobs in the state through various project during his speech. Some of which include the building of the new Viking's stadium, a new public works bill, and a new tax credit, reports MPR.
Dayton also said that while Minnesota is doing alright in this economic climate, they still need to be watchful and make sure the future of the state is just as secure.
"I often wonder how our children and grandchildren will judge our stewardship," Dayton said. "Will they thank us for leaving our state, nation and world in better condition than when we inherited it? Or will they ask, "How could you have left us with such a mess?", according to MPR.
According to the Minnesota Daily, Dayton also stressed the importance of funding Minnesota Colleges, this coming after a 15% drop in state funding to the U of M.
"Our postsecondary students need more than degree," said Dayton. "They need the world's best education so they can thrive in that world. And Minnesota will not thrive unless they do.
Republican felt that Dayton's speech went very well and was a nice compromise.

Kaler Gives State of the University Address

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University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler gave his first State of the University address on the third of March.
"The fantasy that the University could somehow advance its mission and hold the line on tuition as state support dwindles is just that, a fantasy," Kaler said, according to the Minnesota Daily.
Kaler gave an outline of the budget for the coming year, one big change being a 2.5% increase in pay for all University employees, this coming after a three years of nothing.
According to The Daily, Kaler is stressing the importance of efficiency at the U.
"We have to do this because we need to eliminate ESP in our organization. ESP stands for Extremely Stupid Procedures," Kaler said.
As reported in the StarTribune, Kaler will spend a lot of his time cutting what he considers to be unnecessary for the U, which could mean some institutions being cut completely.
The biggest problem facing the U is the steady decrease of state funds. The largest of which, 15% came last summer.

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