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A White Plaines woman has been charged with multiple counts of murder and raceteering for the murder of her husband and his mother.

Fox News reports that the victim, Ben Novak Jr., along with his mother, were killed to make way for his wife, Nancy Novak, to gain his inheritance. In crime scene photos he is seen with hands bound, in a pool of blood.

They also report that the estate of Ben Novak Jr. is worth an estimated 10 million dollars.

Mrs. Novak is contesting that she had nothing to do with the murder, and claims that her husband hit her and forced her to get breast implants.

Mike Wallace

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Legendary CBS anchorman and interviewer Mike Wallace died at the age of 93 on Saturday.

Wallace was known as a very tough interviewer who would ask the hard questions that few others would venture to ask. Sometimes using those questions to interject his own opinion.

According to The New York Times, he had known since he was a child that he wanted to be on the air. He felt it was his calling. He said he wanted people to ask: "Who's this guy, Myron Wallace?"

He had spent most of his life working for the different media outlets and will be missed.

Invisible Children Voodoo

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Everyone has seen the posts and videos of the Kony 2012 mastermind Jason Russell running naked around L.A. under some influence, masturbating in public, smashing cars, and other general jackassery.
But according to TMZ, there might have been some force other than drugs influencing Russell's behavior.
TMZ spoke with Richard Akena ... who was captured by Kony's forces 4 separate times when he was a child and was forced to carry out Kony's evil bidding. Akena tells us ... most people who were captured by Kony believe he is "being controlled by a devil spirit."
This goes against the press release of Invisible Children stating that Russell was suffering from dehydration and exhaustion when he committed those acts.

Unreasonable Request?

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Mayor Giulio Cesare Fava has made a strange decree to the people living in his small town in southern Italy.

According to The Washington Post, the mayor of Falciano del Massico has requested that nobody die.

The decree makes it illegal for anyone in the small town to die. This stems, according to The Washington Post, a dispuite with a neighboring town in which they lost the use of their cemetary and havent had time to build a new one.

The decree was made tounge-in-cheek and is considered to be a joke.

The mayor was quoted in the Global News, "The ordinance has brought happiness," he was quoted Tuesday as saying. "Unfortunately, two elderly citizens disobeyed."

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