Bi- Weekly Report 2

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This week I'm reporting on digital sketchbooks. The website I found is a place for professional artists and art educators to display their sketches and artwork to the world wide web. It's called "Artists' Sketchbooks Online." I found this topic worth reporting on because it's a great inspiration for students to not only continue to develop and grow their own sketchbooks but it also encourages them to put their sketches and art online. This site is a great link to upcoming artist who have blogs or websites where they publish their work. As well as information on current world wide sketchbook projects that are viewable through links on this site. Students may not be able to publish their own work or blog through this website. However, students should use this site as inspiration and do the next best thing, which would be starting their own similar blog.This would enable students to get feedback on what their sketches and give people the opportunity to see their capabilities.I think that this concept could be used in the classroom, as well. Teachers could have students scan in project ideas and sketches and have the class comment and give suggestions to one another. This could be used as an informal in-process critique method. Also, it would be a great resource for students when they wanted to present some of their informal or completed works to future employees. Overall, not all students like to blog through the form of essays, so this kind of picture focused blog sites may be more appealing.

Here's a link to the site:

Here's a link to one of the artists' site's I found interesting:

This is a artist's video that's on the site:

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