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Incorporating Art Education in Technology and the Public's Eye
I found a video through CNN called, "Exploring the anti-social side of social media". This video was about a women called Cristin Norine who isolated herself in room on a corner of a street. The catch was that all the windows in her room were made of glass and in plain view of all that passed by. The only privacy she had was a small bathroom. She did not leave this room or communicate with anyone except through facebook, twitter and video chat for 30 days, the project is called "Public Isolation Project". This project was done by two different people. One was by Joshua Jay Elliot and the other by Cristin Norine, the one enclosing herself in the room. Elliot's project was around the idea that the way people now share everything about their lives online has turned us into a population that has no boundaries or individual privacy, his piece is called,"An Examinable Life". Norine was exploring the emotional and psychological effects of not being able to communicate with anyone except though technology, her piece is called, "The Future of Socializing".
I thought that this was relevant to digital art education because these artist were exploring our society though the means of digital methods. This would be an interesting subject to bring up in an art classroom. Students who are living in the age may be able to relate or disagree with what the artists are doing. Also, it's a great example of making public/performance art. I think that this video is right on with how digital technology should be used as a extra tool to communicate and not the only or necessarily best tool.

Photo of Cristin Norine in her glass box:

Here is my original reporter's video I found:

Here a link to the "Public Isolation Project" homepage:

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What an interesting project. I think that this would be a great project to show high school students. You could have them do a project influenced by this or you could have a class discussion on the topic. It is very relevant and something that could be shared in an art ed class room.

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