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Surrealistic Me

Surrealistic Me is a collaboration project for high school students. It is being put on by Matt Cauthron, David Gran and Mike Skocko. This project allows students to create a surrealist self portrait of themselves. Portraits that are submitted and chosen will be put together in a book and released to the global public in April 2012. All proceeds go to Jacaranda School for AIDS orphans in Malawi. This project allows students to explore their dreams and sub-concious and come up with a unique self portrait of themselves. Different media can be used such as dry medium, paints, photoshop, printmaking, ext. They provide a lesson plan for teachers to use if they want. Otherwise, the teacher can collaborate this project into their curriculum however they like. It also allows students to be part of a global project that has a great cause.

This project would be great to have your high school students participate in. It's important for students to get in the habit of submit their work to different exhibitions and projects. This project is taking on a subject that each student can have a unique perspective and view on. Everyone has dreams that they can remember or has let their imagination run wild while day dreaming. Those dreams and thoughts can give creative inspiration for artwork. Also, what I love about this project is that only high school students can enter. This enables students to be more competitive and really push their work because they know that they are competing against people their age and not professional artists. Overall, I can't wait for the book to come out because I'm sure it is going to be full of great surreal student work and I wish that I had a class that I could have participate in this.

Surrealistic Me website:

Operation Techniques Slideshow for students:

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Cauthron, Matt, David Gran, and Mike Skocko. "Surrealistic Me." . N.p., n.d. Web. 17 Nov 2011. .

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This is great Mady, I agree I think it is always nice to have the students enter competitions. This is also nice as you can talk about social issues.

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