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For my final report I chose a library article title, "Creativity in Digital Art Education Teaching Practices," by Johanna Black. This was an interesting article that promoted creative digital methods in the art classroom. This article touched mainly on two parts. How to get the teacher who grew up without digital technology training to approach digital technology and what the best approaches are that facilitate student creativity. I'm going to try and summarize what this article said about these subjects.
Since the No Student Left Behind Act passed while Bush was in office, art teachers are dealing with 21% decrease in funding and 19% decrease in instruction time. Along with lack in resources as the country goes through a recession. Art teachers are faltering when it comes to incorporating digital technology in the art classroom. This creates a disconnect between the students and teacher. This article refers to the new generation at "screenagers", which I believe is fitting. In a world that is changing rapidly, it's important for teachers to try and keep pace. There is an apparent gap between the art teacher, who sees incorporating more technology as more effort, time and possibly money on their side and the art world who is promoting creative digital technology use whole heartily. When teachers don't incorporate technology they are detrimenting their student's learning and ability to self express. Teaching students digital technology should be an art creativity tool and not only a presentation tool. What this article found the most was that art teachers weren't approaching technology in a creative manner. They believed that it should be a collaboration between the students and the teacher to discover the creative possibilities with in digital technology.
Teachers need to learn how to teach a creative digital process. Where the basic traditional design elements can be at the root of the projects. It is possible to teach with technology without completely changing their art pedagogy. They don't need to know all about the software to teach it. Through the creative process, it's likely that most of this will happen naturally. The projects should be more then just learning a new software, they should be about harnessing creativity through the digital creative process. Art making should always be the main objective. If art teachers focused more on this aspect and not on the time they may need to put in to learn about a software, it could be fun! Also, this article did a study and found that more open ended projects were best when learning to use digital technology. This way it's not about learning to use a certain tool, but using the tool to create something that has self expression and meaning. By embracing new technologies it will give self confidence not only to the teachers but to the students.
Overall, I thought that this was a great article that did a good job of articulating the importance of creativity in technology. I know it can be easy to get frustrated and loose sight of the goal when learning a new program. Yet, if we look past that and focus on creating, it is well worth everyone's while. I think that all art teachers should read this article to get perspective on their teaching methods and to meet and surpass their students creativity needs. This is a very relevant topic in the new digital age we are living in. It's time for art educators to embrace it, no matter their age or training!

Black, Joanna. "Creativity in Digital Art Education Teaching Practices." Art Education. 64.5 (2011): 19-4. Web. 1 Dec. 2011.

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This article does seem great. I think one the the most important things is not to be scared to try new things out. It doesn't always go smooth the first time you try it but it is worth it.

I also like the point that it is not about using the tool as a tool but using it in a creative way.

Great blogging over the semester. I hope you keep up the blog!

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