Media Literacy Project

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My Studio Project:

Lesson Plan:

Magazine Advertisement Lesson Plan.pdf

Overview of Lesson:

Grade Level: 8th Grade

Time Needed: Five, 50 min. Classes

Focus: To recreate an advertisement that is misleading in a more realistic and viewer friendly way.

a. Students will analyze the elements in media arts such as image, sound, space, time, motion and sequence, (
b. Students will develop an artistic intent, including how audience and occasion impact analyze and presentation choices, (
c. Students will analyze and interpret a variety of media artworks using established criteria, (

Motivational Resources: Students will be introduced to the lesson by choosing an advertisement from magazines brought in and analyze its meaning. Also, a PowerPoint will be shown for more magazine ad examples and analysis.

Art Materials:
Provided for students:
10 cameras
Computers Lab and Printers
Printing Paper
Student's need to bring:
Poster board

Introduction to the Lesson:
Media literacy enables a person to analyze, evaluate, and create messages within a broad range of media forms. It also encourages people to ask questions about what they watch, hear, and read. When used in education, media literacy is a way to address negative aspects of mass media and popular culture (misleading, photoshopped, and false advertisements). By becoming media literate, this knowledge can create a protective barrier for students by helping them make good choices in their media consumption habits and patterns of usage. Also, media literacy enables a student to be capable of creating their own successful advertisement by studying image use, layout, and use of text in the media.

Hodgson, Kendra. "Killing Us Softly 3, Advertising's Image of Women ." Media Education Foundation. (2005): 36. Web. 13 Dec. 2011. .
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Great resource for teachers who want to talk about media:

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