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Analysis: Leads in a hard news story

In this story, from the Pioneer Press, a 17-year-old St. Paul boy was stabbed to death by his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend. The lead of the story describes the who, what, where, and the why. The who is the 17-year-old boy who was murdered. The what is the murder. Where, is in St. Paul, Minnesota and the why is a jealous confrontation.
This particular lead is not very detailed, but the rest of the article supports the detail that was outlined in the lead. Overall, the lead does not need to be detailed. It is supposed to set up the rest of the article by providing a general outline of the article.

Toyota has plan regarding recall

Toyota announced a remedy for the millions of cars recalled because of the faulty accelerator pedals on Saturday.
Toyota presented the plan to fix the sticky pedals in their cars to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported the Pioneer Press. The safety administration is not required to approve the remedy for the pedals, but can reject it if it does not completely address the defect.
The company is also launching an advertisement campaign to confront customers about the recall.
Full page advertisements were put in Sunday newspapers to reassure Toyota owners about the recall reported the Star Tribune. The ads lack detail on how the pedals will be fixed or when.
Toyota announced last week the temporary halt of production and sales of eight models. 5.4 million cars have been recalled.

Carbon monoxide kills woman, others sick

A 50-year-old woman is dead and seven others injured from carbon monoxide exposure in Bemidji, Minn. on Saturday morning.
Authorities arrived to find Colleen Jennings dead and three others in distress after 20-year-old Gary Jennings returned home Saturday morning to find his family unconscious.
57-year-old Vincent Beyl, 24-year-old Emma Jennings, and 30-year-old Christopher Crew were flown to Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis where a hyperbaric chamber was used to purge the carbon monoxide from their bodies reported the Star Tribune.
Crew is reported to be in critical condition and Beyl and Jennings are in satisfactory condition.
Gary Jennings and three sheriff deputies were taken to North Country Regional Hospital where they were treated and released reports the Pioneer Press.
Authorities believe the cause of the carbon monoxide poisoning was a malfunctioning furnace.

Young students killed after attack in Mexico

An armed attack on a party in Ciudad Juarez resulted in the deaths of 13 high school and college aged students late Saturday.
The 13 deaths are part of a total of 24 killed across Mexico since Saturday resulting from turf battles between powerful drug cartels reported the Star Tribune. Ciudad Juarez, home to several powerful drug cartel bosses, is one of the deadliest cities in the world.
The students gathered to watch a boxing match together when two trucks with armed men pulled up and opened fire. 10 victims died that the scene of the crime and three were taken to local hospitals where they were announced dead.
A witness believes the gathering was targeted incorrectly. The victims are believed to have no ties to drug traffickers.

Anti-abortion activist guilty of murder

A 51-year-old anti-abortion activist was convicted in Wichita, Kansas on Friday of murdering George Tiller, one of the nation's few physicians that performed late-term abortions.
The jury deliberated for only 37 minutes before convicting Scott Roeder of premeditated, first-degree murder, reported the Star Tribune.
Tiller ran a women's clinic in Wichita, Kansas, where he peformed abortions. He had been the target of anti-abortion activists for years having been shot previously for his medical practices.
Roeder believed that he had to kill Tiller to stop him from performing more abortions. He testified on Thursday that he shot and killed Tiller and did not regret it reported CNN.
The Star Tribune reports that after Tiller's murder, his women's clinic has been closed for good.

University student shot on campus

A University of Minnesota first-year student was shot late Monday night on campus outside of Centennial Hall.
The Minnesota Daily reports the victim, 19-year-old Timothy Schumacher, was shot walking to Centennial Hall after leaving the University Recreation Center.
The student is in satisfactory condition as of Tuesday and "feeling better" reports The Star Tribune.
The shooting was the third and last of a string of crimes believed to be have been committed by two male suspects on Monday night. Previous to the shooting, there were two separate cases of robbery by two men fitting the suspects' descriptions, in the Stadium Village area.
The Star Tribune reports that authorities have made no arrests as of Tuesday night.

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