White supremacy rally in LA turns violent

A white supremacist group who rallied Saturday at Los Angeles City Hall drew a crowd of counter-protesters resulting in two beaten in brawls and rocks and bottles being thrown.
The rally was conducted by the National Socialist Movement and as counter-protesters began to flood downtown Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Police Department went on tactical alert reported the LA Times.
The group consisted of about 50 members wearing flack helmets and black military uniforms, shouting "Sieg Heil" and waving American flags and swastika banners reported WCCO.
The site of the rally was picked by the Detroit native group because of the high number of immigrants in Los Angles, reported WCCO. They accused immigrants of taking jobs and crime.
Two white supremacist men were injured and were treated for minor injuries and later released reported WCCO.
Three or four counter-protesters were arrested for throwing rocks and bottles, reported WCCO.

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