Analysis: Attributions in MailOnline's article on Leslie Carter's death

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There were a plentiful amount of sources in MailOnline's article concerning the death of Leslie Carter. The first, most prominently-used source was a police report that was cited to be obtained by ABC News. This report was referred to within the first good half of the article when it was explaining the incident of Carter's death. Concurrently with the report attributions, Ginger Carter was referred to as a source as well.

Nick Carter's publicist, Access Hollywood, Aaron Carter himself, and E! Online were also other sources that were attributed in the second half of the article. These four attributions were clustered in one area, paragraph after paragraph.

I would have to say the most effective attributions involved the police report and Ginger Carter's witness accounts, because the two were intertwined with each other. It made the explanation easier to comprehend. The heap of attributions in the last half the article doesn't seem to compare as effectively. While they were informative in providing more background in relation to how much of an effect her death was to the live of her celebrity brothers, I don't think they were able to compare just because of their jumbled structure.

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