Japanese invent gun that prevents speech

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Two Japanese researchers have recently developed a gun that is able to stop someone from speaking mid-sentence, according to the Washington Post.

Kazutaka Kurihara of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, and Koji Tsukada of Ochanomizu University who made the gun said that the device can silence someone from talking more than 100 feet away, the Post reports.

"In general, human speech is jammed by giving back to the speakers their own utterances at a delay of a few hundred milliseconds. This effect can disturb people without any physical discomfort, and disappears immediately by stopping speaking," Kurihara and Tsukada wrote in a research paper describing the portable gun, according to The Telegraph.au.

Initially, the researchers intended the device to be used in hushed spaces, like libraries. But also in that paper they wrote that it can be used to silence people who speak during important speeches and hush meaningless noises.

Extremetech.com comments that this gun was made basically "to enforce 'proper' conversations."

Controversial talk bout the invention of this speech-silencing gun concern the rights of free speech.

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