Controversy surrounding potential Minnesota wolf hunt

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Just about three months after wolves were de-listed from the Endangered Species Act in January, there is talk that wolves may be hunted this year to control population, according to KARE11.

Now, the population of wolves in Minnesota is about 3,000 when, at its lowest, used to be three to six hundred. KARE11 wrote.

Those for wolf hunting think that it will help limit the number of wolves that kill farm animals, MPR wrote.

Currently, the bill condoning the wolf hunt is put on hold for political reasons due to a "spat between two influential state senators" State Sen. Bill Ingebrigsten, R-Alexandra and Sen. Tom Bakk, according to MPR.

If it passes, the bill would begin wolf hunting season in November.

Robert Shimek, a tribal activist and member of the Red Lake tribe, said, "One of my greatest concerns is if we start taking out the alpha male and alpha female from these packs, essentially what we're doing is leaving pack management up to a bunch of juveniles." Shimek believes this would make wolves more problematic, he told KARE11.

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