Man receives first artificial and portable heart in Minn.

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On Thursday, a Michigan man received the first artificial and portable heart transplant in Rochester, Minn., according to Minnesota Public Radio.

Alvin Carter wears the device, known as the Freedom Driver, that keeps him alive strapped to his back in a 13-pound backpack, MPR wrote.

Carter, 51, was the first person in Minnesota to have an artificial heart transplant in Minnesota. The surgery occurred on March 9 by Mayo doctors.

Dr. Lyle Joyce, who performed as the surgeon for Carter's surgery, was one of the surgeons who implanted the Jarvik 7 artificial heart in dentist Barney Clark in 1982.

Carter will remain in Minnesota for about a month for a follow-up with doctors before heading home to his family in Michigan, according to MPR.

The Star Tribune laid emphasis on Carter's background of his heart condition, amyloidosis, a blood disorder that can damage the heart and other organs, as well as a brief description of the history and progress of artificial hearts in the medicinal industry.

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