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Google founders and James Cameron have created a company whose objective will be to search for natural resoruces outside of Earth, according to The Register.

Planetary Resources, started by Google co-founder Larry Page, Google chairman Eric Schmidth, Google board member K. Ram Shriram, James Cameron, former Microsoft employees Charles Simonyi and Ross Perot, Jr. will be announced officially in Seattle on Tuesday.

According to Fox News, asteroid mining can be done in various forms from sending people directly to an asteroid in a spacecraft to explore or to created a robotic device to direct or transport the asteroid closer to Earth to make it more reachable.

Natural resources that could be found can be water, oxygen and metals, Fox wrote. NASA wrote a study that estimated a robotic spacecraft sent into space to bring an asteroid back to orbit would cost at least $2.6 billion.

Dog guards passing cars to protect fatally hit dog

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A black Labrador retriever "braved traffic" to remain at another dog's side who was hit and killed by a car Saturday morning in La Puente, Calif., according to the New York Daily News.

Cones were put up surrounding the duo by a passing motorist who took pictures and videos of the incident.

The Los Angeles County Department of Animal Care and Control said that the black Labrador is 2-years-old and is now put up for adoption due not being claimed by anyone.

CBS Los Angeles said that Baldwin Park Animal Shelter where Grace, the black lab who earned her name for her loyalty, is currently being held is expecting a line of people who are looking to adopt her. Six people have already expressed interest.

A feathered carnivorous dinosaur was discovered in China, whose discovery was announced on Wednesday, and is apparently similar in size and shape to the T. Rex, according to The Guardian.

It was found

The dinosaur, Yutyrannus huali, is the largest known feather animal discovered in terms of being either alive or extinct. It measured at 9 meters long and weighed at 1.4 tonnes (or 1,200 kg), The Guardian reported.

BBC reported that the dinosaur is a part of the Tyrannosauroids group of dinosaurs and noted quite early in their article that it had existed more than 125 million years ago.

According to Xing Xu and colleagues at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, think that its feathers may have acted as insulation but also may have played a part in mating rituals and fighting. They are particularly interested in the fact that this dinosaur gives evidence for other feather dinosaurs to have existed, BBC wrote.

Two and a Half Men star, Ashton Kutcher, has taken the role of Steve Jobs in an independent film about the icon, according to CBS News. reported that the film, called "Jobs", will be a film biography on Apple founder Steve Jobs, written and directed by Matt Whiteley.

According to both articles, Kutcher will be filming the movie during the time he is not filming Two and a Half Men, serving the major role Charlie Sheen used to hold.

Also, both articles note that there are actually films in production about Steve Jobs. The other is being made by Sony Pictures based a book by author, Walter Isaacson.

Renowned filmmaker James Cameron dove into the deepest part of the Earth's oceans on Sunday in his self-designed minisubmarine, according to the New York Times.

In partnership with the National Geographic Society, the expedition landed Cameron's -- "Titanic" and "Avatar" director -- name in the record-book as the third person in the world to have reached the Challenger Deep, the seven-mile abyss and deepest trough of the Mariana Trench, the NY Times said.

Just as the Swiss engineer Jacques Piccard and U.S. Navy Capt. Don Walsh before him, Cameron was only able to remain submerged with visibility of the ocean floor for about 20 minutes before his submarine kicked up so much silt from the floor, NY Times reported. Walsh also accompanied Cameron in helping to advise his mission.

USA Today wrote several weeks ago that Cameron is not the only one who seeks to explore the unknown oceanic depths. Richard Branson, an airline and telecom entrepreneur, and Eric Schmidt, a former Google CEO, are both in the process of creating their own "deep water submarine project" for future expeditions.

U.S. researchers have recently published their work regarding a light-emitting diode that operates above "unity efficiency", ultimately being able to convert heat to light, according to Physics World.

The idea of such a device has been around since 1957 and this created device is the first demonstration of an LED actually decreasing the temperature of its surroundings by absorption, Physics World reported.

Technically speaking, the "LED produces 69 picowatts of light using 30 picowatts of power", as wrote in an article. Wired's article was mainly concerned on clarifying the fact that this diode doesn't break the first law of thermodynamics.

It doesn't break the first law because the LED puts out double the amount of protons than it takes in, essentially because this shows that it alternatively "draws in heat energy from its surroundings instead," according to Wired.

"The most counterintuitive aspect of this result is that we don't typically think of light as being a form of heat," said lead scientist of the project, Parthiban Santhanam, of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as Physics World included in its article.

69 picowatts of light is the amount of light that would be most fit for low-power electronic applications, Wired reported.

Flying robots learn to play James Bond theme

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A viral YouTube video was posted on Feb. 28 depicting several robots fly around a room filled with instruments playing the James Bond theme, according to MSNBC.

Two doctoral students, Alex Kushleyev and Daniel Mellinger, from the University of Pennsylvania's General Robots, Automation, Sensing and Perception Lab (a.k.a. GRASP), are the makers of these nine, computer-programmed fleeting robots.

According to the Telegraph,, Vijay Kumar, a university of Philadelphia robotics laboratory member, presented the robots at the TED2012 conference. This article doesn't include the makers' names, Kushleyev and Mellinger.

Among playing instruments, Kushleyev and Mellinger said that these robots could help scope out buildings and survey landscapes. Some of their abilities include turning, flipping, flying in formation, and working in unison.

One of the most important capability is that the bots are able to analyze their surroundings and monitor where they are compared to the other.

"The nanobots are fitted with wireless cameras and infrared lights that help their pilots plot their exact position in a precise way," the Telegraph wrote.

Within two weeks, an 18-cent/gallon increase in gas prices

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$3.69 is the new price for gas currently, according to Reuters, evidently due to apparent rising crude oil prices in Iran.

The price per gallon rose 18-cents on February 24.

It is said by a survey editor, Trilby Lundberg, to Reuters that "U.S. gasoline prices will likely rise at least a few cents per gallon in coming weeks because earlier increases in the cost of crude had not yet fully reached the pump."

The Sun Times reports that the nation's lowest price of gas is in Denver at $3.07 per gallon, whereas the highest cost is at $4.24 in San Diego.

The Minnesota House is looking to speed up the process in which a law can be created that would adjust the changes in relation to community notification of released sex offenders, according to the Minnesota Post.

The current standards are that the community does not have to be notified of a sexual offender's release if he is being sent to a halfway house. The conditions are different if the sexual offenders are released without tight surveillance, as InForum wrote.

InForum also reported that the issue wasn't uncovered until the time the judicial panel made a decision on when to release Clarence Opheim, now 64 years old, from a special Minnesota treatment program.

Opheim served 4 1/2 years in prison and 18 years in the sex-offender program, according to the Minnesota Post.

The Minnesota House is expected to declare an "urgency... a rules suspension that exempts lawmakers from having to hear legislation over multiple days" on Monday, as Kurt Zellers told the Minnesota Post.

Man found dead at gun range, wife dead at home

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On Saturday morning, a 52-year-old man shot himself in the head at a shooting range, and his wife was found dead at their home, according to Fox News.

The Florida man, unidentified, visited the Arizona Shooting Range in Lauderdale Lakes, rented a gun, and killed himself in the target practice area.

He was taken to Broward General Medical Center where he was pronounced dead, according to Huffington Post.

Police arrived at the man's home around 1 p.m., Hufftington Post reported. There was no answer after knocking on the door, although the wife's car was in the driveway. Officers entered the house and found the man's wife dead in the bedroom.

Fox News reported that police did not reveal the woman's identity or cause of death, but said that the couple had no incidents at their home.

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