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Guthrie Theater 2012 lineup stirs debate

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The Guthrie Theater announced 11 plays for its main stages Monday which caught a wave of protest concerning diversity issues, according to the Star Tribune.

Evidently of the current list, only one play will be co-directed by a woman. There is no play written by a woman or person of color as of this time, according to the Tribune.

Among the list will be two Shakespeare productions and a Pulitzer-Prize winning work, according to MPR.

Executive director of the Minnesota Theater Alliance Leah Cooper said the lack of diversity was "insulting and degrading," the Tribune wrote.

But Guthrie director Joe Dowling said the the announcement on Monday was "incomplete" and that more directors are to be hired. "It is too narrow a perspective to see bias in one particular season," he told Star Tribune.

Controversy surrounding potential Minnesota wolf hunt

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Just about three months after wolves were de-listed from the Endangered Species Act in January, there is talk that wolves may be hunted this year to control population, according to KARE11.

Now, the population of wolves in Minnesota is about 3,000 when, at its lowest, used to be three to six hundred. KARE11 wrote.

Those for wolf hunting think that it will help limit the number of wolves that kill farm animals, MPR wrote.

Currently, the bill condoning the wolf hunt is put on hold for political reasons due to a "spat between two influential state senators" State Sen. Bill Ingebrigsten, R-Alexandra and Sen. Tom Bakk, according to MPR.

If it passes, the bill would begin wolf hunting season in November.

Robert Shimek, a tribal activist and member of the Red Lake tribe, said, "One of my greatest concerns is if we start taking out the alpha male and alpha female from these packs, essentially what we're doing is leaving pack management up to a bunch of juveniles." Shimek believes this would make wolves more problematic, he told KARE11.

On Thursday, a Michigan man received the first artificial and portable heart transplant in Rochester, Minn., according to Minnesota Public Radio.

Alvin Carter wears the device, known as the Freedom Driver, that keeps him alive strapped to his back in a 13-pound backpack, MPR wrote.

Carter, 51, was the first person in Minnesota to have an artificial heart transplant in Minnesota. The surgery occurred on March 9 by Mayo doctors.

Dr. Lyle Joyce, who performed as the surgeon for Carter's surgery, was one of the surgeons who implanted the Jarvik 7 artificial heart in dentist Barney Clark in 1982.

Carter will remain in Minnesota for about a month for a follow-up with doctors before heading home to his family in Michigan, according to MPR.

The Star Tribune laid emphasis on Carter's background of his heart condition, amyloidosis, a blood disorder that can damage the heart and other organs, as well as a brief description of the history and progress of artificial hearts in the medicinal industry.

Minnesota boy found after missing for 2 weeks

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After he had been missing for about two weeks, a Minnesota boy was found in safe conditions on Saturday with his father and alleged kidnapper, according to The Duluth News Tribune.

The pair was found in a cabin in St. Louis County by St. Louis County police with the aid of public tips, The Duluth News Tribune said.

His father, James Leon Nordrum, 31, had kidnapped his son on Mar. 27, both Associated Press and DNT reported.

7-year-old Wyatt Nordrum of Brookston was without any injuries, but his father is currently in the intensive care unit at St. Luke Hospital for self-inflicted injuries on his neck, according to a police report.

Associated Press did not have any details behind Wyatt's mother and father's divorce, which was filed last year, or that Wyatt is now home with his mother, Candice Nordrum, like The Duluth News Tribune contained.

2 of 3 boys die after sailboat accident

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During a Saturday afternoon of sailing with their father, two of three boy siblings died in a sailboat accident in St. Paul, according to Minnesota Public Radio.

Dan Risland was out on his new sailboat for a ride on the waves on Clearwater Lake when a deadly gust of wind capsized the boat, submerging the father and three sons, ages 2, 6, and 8. According to a police report, all three boys were wearing life jackets, MPR reports.

Isaiah, the eldest son, survived the incident yet is in critical condition at Children's Hospital in Minneapolis, according to MPR. The others, 2-year-old Jacob and 6-year-old Zech died of hypothermia.

"The kids were his entire life. You never saw Danny without his kids," Rosie Miles, Risland's sister, told Star Tribune.

MPR didn't address any of the boys by name -- it only named the father.

Dan Risland, 31, had swam to shore after the capsized before telling his eldest to watch his two brothers, according to Star Tribune. MPR reported that he stopped a vehicle for help.

The mother, Ruth Risland, 30, was notified hours later of her children's deaths.

A bill passed Wednesday by the Senate would allow the University of Minnesota to serve alcohol to fans during sporting events, according to KARE11.

According to KARE11, the U of M would be the first of the Big Ten Schools to allow alcohol to be served to sports fans during events.

Apparently, the bill has been under consideration since 2009.

According to the Minnesota Daily, the bill was passed Friday, making alcohol available to be served in certain areas of TCF Stadium during sport events.

Linda Cohen, who holds the board chair, told the Daily that the board cannot act on the policy until May because the board does not meet during the month of April.

The 38-year-old man who drowned his baby son about two years ago could be released after treatment, according to the Star Tribune.

Randel Richardson of Eden Prairie, Minn. had drowned his infant son in a laundry tub, a psychotic episode that was triggered by depression, as the 33-page order Richardson received.

Richardson's record was cleared of first-degree murder by reason of mental illness last April, the Star Tribune wrote.

The order noted that Richardson had no history of violence or mental illness before the committing the drowning, Star Tribune reported.

Judge Jay Quam ordered Wednesday that Richardson not to be considered indefinitely mentally ill and dangerous, according to KSTP.

While Richardson remains taking his medication for his mental illness, Quam wrote in the order that Richardson "will be forever reinforced by the shame and guilt" about what happened to his son, according to the Star Tribune. Quam also denied Hennepin County Attorney's request that Richardson remain at the Minnesota Security Hospital in St. Peter.

It is required with his mental condition that he remains committed as mentally ill and then re-evaluated to determine whether he could be released or transferred to a transitional program before returning to society, the Star Tribune stated.

Local teen killed on Carver County Highway

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A 17-year-old boy, cloaked in a blanket, was hit by a semi truck on Thursday morning on a southwest metro highway in Norwood Young America, according to the Star Tribune.

Draped in a dark-colored blanket, Andrew Mulville was standing in the right lane of Hwy. 212 near when he was struck by an oncoming semitruck around 7:05 a.m., KSTP reported.

Several news organizations (like the West Central Tribune) initially heard that the Minnesota State Patrol stated Mulville had wrapped himself in the blanket and lain in the road just before sunrise.

There were no witnesses of the crash, according to the Star Tribune, and the 55-year-old truck driver, Harold R. Schroeder, of Gibbon, Minn. was not injured.

A Minnesota high school student is not allowed to take a porn star to his prom, even after the actress accepted his invitation, according to Fox News.

18-year-old Mike Stone of Oakdale, Minn. sent out hundreds of Twitter messages to celebrities and adult stars throughout January and February, according to Pioneer Press, in attempt to find a date to his senior prom. Stone had never been to prom before.

Two girls had responded, according to Fox news, whose names are Emy Reyes and Megan Piper. Piper said she could attend if her travel fare of $400 could be covered for her. Pioneer Press didn't mention Emy Reyes' name.

But North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale School District policies prohibit any individual or group entry to school events if the visit is "not in the best interest" of the district, Jennifer McNeil told Fox News, a district spokesperson.

Superintendent of the district, Patty Phillips, also told Fox News that Piper, 19, is also denied of attending because her appearance would be "inconsistent" with district policy.

Minnesota man dies in ATV crash near Duluth

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A man from Wyoming, Minn. died Saturday even when he rolled his ATV 30 miles northeast of Duluth, according to the Duluth News Tribune.

The man, whose name is will not be released until relatives are informed, was apparently not wearing a helmet, according to St. Louis County sheriff's office. The Star Tribune also validates this statement.

The 56-year-old man was driving his ATV around Pequaywan Lake when he rolled it at approximately 6:30 p.m. and died at the scene, according to the Sheriff's Office.

Both the Star Tribune and the Duluth News Tribune state that no other vehicles were harmed and that the cause of the accident is currently under investigation.

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