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Possible abduction of 6-year-old girl from Arizona

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Search for a missing 6-year-old girl from Tuscon, Arizone continues Sunday on its second day, according to Reuters.

Isabel Mercedes Celis is believed, by authorities, to have been taken from her bedroom on Saturday morning. Celis was last seen Friday night at bedtime.

Tuscon police said the child has no history of running away and denied to disclose the condition of the room or which family member found her missing, according to Reuters.

Investigators also think there are "suspicious circumstances" that indicate a possible entry point at Celises home in Tuscon, Arizona, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The little girl lives with her mother, father, and two older brothers, police said according to Reuters. Her parents are not considered as possible suspects due to their cooperation.

It is believed by family friend Mary Littlehorn that friends and family believe that the abductor is someone who has "been watching Isa for some amount of time to know where her bedroom is," according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Instagram, a major Android hit in 6 days

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Instagram Android receives five billion downloads in a mere six days after its release, according to USA Today.

On Apr. 9, Facebook bought the 13-employee company for $1 billion, making the split among employees about $76 million each.

According to the L.A. Times, the success of Android's Instagram is minute in comparison to when it was released to the iPhone; it took about six months to achieve the same milestone as Instagram Android.

Facebook founder and Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg wrote about the purchase of Instagram, as L.A. Times incorporated: "It's the first time we've ever acquired a product and company with so many users. We don't plan on doing many more of these, if any at all. But providing the best photo sharing experience is one reason why so many people love Facebook and we knew it would be worth bringing these two companies together."

In both articles, it was mentioned that Zuckerberg claims to keep the company independent.

80-year-old woman lands plane after pilot faints

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An 80-year-old woman from Wisconsin makes a safe landing as she took control of a small aircraft after her pilot husband collapsed, The New York Daily News reported.

Her husband passed out during the flight and later died, prompting his wife, a non-licensed pilot, to take control of the plane, authorities told the NY Daily News.

According to USA Today, the 80-year-old woman said that one of the plane's twin engines had ran out of fuel and lost power.

The woman had radioed for assistance, but an emergency landing was necessary before they arrived, The NY Daily News wrote.

Her 81-year-old husband was brought to a local hospital where he died. The hospital said that his death was the result of a preexisting medical condition, the NY Daily News reported.

The woman was treated for minor injuries and the FAA is still investigating the situation.

Dallas parents arrested for potential murder of son

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Texas police have suspended their search for a young boy who is believed to have been dead for a few months, according to Fox News.

The grandfather of the boy named Edward Ramsey, according to WFAA, called police on Friday about how he had not seen his grandson in nine months to a year.

Father, Aaron, 34, and stepmother Elizabeth Ramsey,31, were arrested and charged with for injury of a child and a first-degree felony, according to both articles.

The search for Jonathon Ramsey, who was apparently starved to death by his parents, had been called off due to poor weather conditions and "difficult terrain", police said.

The 11-year-old boy had been fed water, bread and sometimes milk as he was locked in his room in the months preceding his death, according to Fox News as well as WFAA.

A student was shot to death at a Mississippi State University dormitory Saturday night by three suspects who have yet to be identified, officials said, according to ABC news.

John Sanderson, 21, of Madison, Miss. was found by police at the scene in Evans hall in critical condition and was transported to the hospital. He died approximately 30 minutes later, ABC reports.

MSNBC reported that authorities said the three suspects, all male, fled the scene in a Blue Ford Crown Victoria. No arrests have been made thus far.

According to both news organizations, this was the first incident a student had been shot on campus.

Vice president of student affairs at Mississippi State University Dr. Bill Kibler said that security of residence halls have been heightened although the entire campus has not been entirely locked down.

After roaming the outskirts of the Nevada desert for a total of 53 days, a dog is finally found and returned to its owner on Feb. 18, according to ABC News.

Barbera Bagley had suffered traumatic losses on the night of Dec. 27 when her husband, her two Shetland sheepdogs, and herself were involved in a fatalistic car accident, Care2 wrote.

Bagley's husband and one of the Shetlands, Delaney, died during the car crash that happened about 200 miles east of Reno. The other dog, Dooey, 4, had escaped the scene.

A search was proposed but canceled three days prior to initial investigations when apparent dog remains were found along the road where the crash had taken place, ABC News reports.

Bagley didn't give up hope. "Something inside me told me Dooley was still alive out there," Bagley said.

Sightings had been reported of a Shetland sheepdog three weeks later, ABC News reported. A family friend as well as another individual, who was named in ABC News as Shannon Sustacha, were able to capture the skittish dog.

Dooey had lost 24 pounds from the ordeal, and a veterinarian who inspected him discovered bird bones in his throat.

Care2 mentioned that the average lows for January and February months when Dooey had been missing were 17 and 22 degrees Fahrenheit. Veterinarians and witnesses deduced that Dooey had survived on eating roadkill and consuming water from ranches, but there was no indication where he may have slept, Care2 wrote.

Pentagon admits to dumping 9-11 remains into landfill

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The Pentagon released Tuesday that remains of 9-11 victims were dumped into a landfill in Virginia, according to

The remains involved in the dumping were victims from both the crash on the Pentagon and another crash Shanksville, Pa. A report from the Pentagon stated that the number of bodies and identities of such involved are unclear, Boston said.

According to MSNBC, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta found after an Air Force-conducted investigation in December that some remains of U.S. military personnel hadn't been handled "in accordance with procedures."

MSNBC said that, last year, conducted investigations had " found no evidence that anyone intentionally mishandled the remains, but they concluded that the mortuary staff failed to 'maintain accountability' with some remains."

The report said that the remains had been cremated and then incinerated by a biomedical waste disposal contractor before they had been taken to a landfill, said.

Young girl died after fighting with classmate

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An 11-year-old girl from California died after a fight that took place between her and a classmate on Friday, according to

About seven people witnessed the fight, according to the L.A. Times, and no names of the witnesses or the other girl involved in the fight have been released.

Joanna Ramos died at 9 p.m. Friday in Long Beach, Calif., approximately six hours after the fight had taken place, according to Her mother, Cecilia Villanueva, said that her daughter had complained of a headache on her way home from school.

Ramos' family told L.A. Times that the two girls were fighting over a boy.

The dispute occurred in a nearby alley to Willard Elementary and didn't appear to contain any weapons or to be especially violent, police said.

Police are currently still investigating and no arrests have yet been made.

Rules for self-driving cars passed in Nevada

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Nevada, the first state in America to do so, has issued rules for self-driving cars, according to an article on PC Mag.

While automobile companies are far from creating such a vehicle in the recent future, Department of Motor Vehicles director Bruce Breslow said that "Nevada is the first state to embrace what is surely the future of automobiles" in a statement.

According to USA Today, Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval recently a rode in a driver-less car prototype.

If/when there comes a type when these types of cars are manufactured, Nevada will require a special license in order for the cars to be driven as well as requiring a "black box," a type of data collector, USA Today said.

A teenage girl, who was charged for the death of her 9-year-old neighbor when she was 15, has a history of battling depression, drug addict parents, and thoughts of suicide, according to The Telegraph.

Alyssa Bustamante is being charged as an adult for stabbing her next-door neighbor, Elizabeth Olten, to death after she confessed to the second-degree murder and armed criminal action last month. The Telegraph reported that Bustamante told officers she committed the murder "to know what it felt like."

While it is reported by the Washington Post that Bustamonte has been relatively quiet in the court room, prosecutors expose her voice through excerpts from her diary--excerpts that are also included in The Telegraph's article.

"I strangled them and slit their throat and stabbed them now they're dead," Bustamante wrote in her diary, as read aloud in court by a hand-writing expert. "I don't know how to feel atm. It was ahmazing. As soon as you get over the 'ohmygawd I can't do this' feeling, it's pretty enjoyable."

The Telegraph reports that Cook County Circuit Court

Bustamante, now 18, had appeared a little happier as the two left for a church youth dance the evening of the crime, according to her grandmother and legal guardian, Karen Brooke.

Brooke told Washington Post that Bustamante had attempted suicide in the past by intaking a large bottle of Tylenol and was prescribed with the antidepressant Prozac following the incident. Her dosage was reportedly increased two weeks before the crime took place.

Patty Preiss, the 9-year-old victim's mother, pleaded the court for a maximum sentence, both news organizations reported.

Defense psychiatrist, Edwin Johnston, believed that the increase in antidepressants may have been the cause of Bustamante's mood swings and violence, Washington Post reported.

Bustamante's lawyers are working toward a sentence of 10 years for Bustamante in jail rather than a maximum sentence.

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