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So far for the Coexist poster project I have some good ideas flowing. I have a few thumbnails done on paper and one done digitally. My main ideas I believe are going to have something to do with Pangea in the sense that the whole world used to fit together. Also I was thinking instead of having 2 hands shaking, they would be knotted together and look like ropes. I want to draw up a few more thumbnails before I decide on a final poster idea.


Astonish Me

What I enjoyed about the reading was the fact that they addressed the fact that not every advertisement needs to be in a square or rectangular format. I'd like to be able to do a project or design that would be fitting for a type of display that isn't your typical 4 cornered advertisement. I also really enjoyed the aspect where they talked about how 3D objects and how not everything needs to be two dimensional.


I find the illustrations by Vasco Mourao very intriguing because of the attention to detail and amount of time it would take to complete the drawings. I live how everything is very precise and there is a good amount of white space. When Mourao uses his negative space he uses it wisely, in the image below the white space is as intriguing if not more, than the actual drawing. The image is so detailed yet simple at the same time. I would like my design work to have the same type of effect on a viewer as these illustrations do to me.


Color Theory Response

The history of the color wheel and color theory is very interesting to me. I had no idea such intelligent people such as Sir Isaac Newton and Da Vinci had done research in color theory. I also didn't realize how many different types of color wheels had been made throughout history. I understand the color wheel terms pretty well and I believe I have a good grasp on how to use the colors in design applications.

What I want to know about GD

I want to learn more about design in advertising and also product design. Advertising is very interesting to me and I'd like to learn about all the different mediums of it such as brochures, billboards, magazines, etc. Product design is interesting to me as well because my friends mom is a graphic designer for Schwans foods company and she does product design such as pizza boxes and ice cream containers.

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