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Ch. 4 response

From what I learned about the Ch. 4 reading I'll work on making sure I use visual hierarchy with my text and making sure it has a good movement throughout the brochure. I have used ragged right and ragged left in my design layout so far as well as centered text which hopefully won't mess with legibility or visual unity.

Ch 2 and 3 Layout Response

In the beginning of the post the reading talks about following the principles set up in the article or deliberately ignoring them, I have decided to follow some of the principles since I don't think I am a good enough designer yet to make my own rules and do whatever I decide to do. After reading I found out that the design methodology I use most of the time is the bottom up method. I usually figure out my photo's/text/illustrations before coming up with the actual design and layout. I also liked how the reading commented a lot on how simple is usually better, I believe this is true too and would like my next project to use this same philosophy. I have never used the golden mean in any of my designs but it is something I should look into more and try to understand fully because it still kind of confuses me. I don't necessarily like the mixture of math and design but I guess I'll have to learn to deal with that. The rule of thirds is much easier to understand and accomplish.

After reading the Grid section, I decided I will most likely use a symmetrical grid with an alternative field layout. I found the 58 grid intriguing but it seems too complicated to make and I feel like I would get confused on how exactly to use it so I'd prefer to keep it a bit simpler.

Anatomy 2

What I liked about this article was how design and basically life in general changed so drastically from the 1950's into the 60's. I find it useful in the designs that I do to use psychological process of color to relate to the target audience. I guess I have never really noticed books or posters that are reproduced with different color themes and after reading the article I'm going to try and keep an eye out for it more often since it said it is still practiced to this day.

International Design Reading

It seems interesting to me that the "Graphic Designers" are actually called "Graphic Artists". By looking at the posters that were posted on the website article, there seemed to be a lacking of text on each poster. When the writer talked about how the West has influenced the work of the Iranian graphic designers, it didn't seem to me that there was much of a connection. Much of posters, magazines, etc. seemed very static and dull. There wasn't a whole lot of color used in most of their designs and it was obvious the design's main focus is the art work not the typography.

Charity Reading

I enjoyed the article about the charity work because it relates to the project we are currently working on. I think it's interesting that since there isn't as much money used on the project that the designer can be as creative as he/she wants. When reading the article it made me wonder if designers would prefer the allowance to be creative or would rather have a higher commission on a project with less creative freedom. I found the part of the article that talked about the VSO very interesting in the fact that the "real professionals" were out doing something useful for the causes they believed in. I hope that once I get settled with a decent amount of money to live on that I too can do charity work and help raise awareness for causes I believe in.

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